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February 27, 2008


The fashion world has been invaded by Zombie Death Women From Space.


(Thanks to Blair McKee and, let us not forget, Siouxie)


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OMG! I have this in pink!
Congrat to Siouxie for finally getting posted.


probably wearing those horrid shoes too ...

The anti-burka.

Hey, according to the photo caption this is from the designers "ready to wear" collection. Thank gods! I just hope Dress Barn doesn't want too much for it.

Are you kidding? The fashion world is RUN by Zombie Death Women from Space.

It's actually very functional. In the top part, there's a hidden feed-bag.

It's to keep her from scratching the nose job while it heals.

Annie, we must shop in the same place.


snork @ AWBH x2

Then I'll WAVE to you next time I'm there, Hammie.

Thanks, Annie. I'd like to thank the little people...

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

*Tries to see over 22" radial tire around neck*

my cat has that same collar, only her head is bigger.

thank goodness siouxie finally dropped that silly claire martin alias.

If you trip a model wearing a domino collar, will all of the rest fall down?

I envision a little Hot Wheels track in that entertainment hoodie:
"The wheels in her head go 'round and 'round..."

cg, I knew it was just a matter of time before all you smart people realized the truth.

This will work if you're stranded on an island and need to collect rain water.

So practical for the office. Now coworkers won't know when you're sticking your tongue out at them or making fun of the boss.

Does it make my butt look fat?

Flowergirl - only if your head is up your butt.

LMAO Annie!

Wow, Siouxie. That's a lot of laughing. ;p

You got that right. And there's plenty more left for snickering, giggling and snorking ;-P

Whut? I missed the red carpet? That is the last time I wait for a free dress!

You know, I can read the model's mind as she struts down the catwalk in that outfit, and she's thinking, "six thousand dollars an hour... six thousand dollars an hour..."

I just want to know if she drew the short straw or the long one...

And *Snorks* @ Annie

Maybe it's to keep her from biting out the stitches from her spaying operation? Well at least we can hope.

If she doesn't do well at modeling she can always try out for Cirque du Soleil.

Did she just cut a hole in a dog bed???

Personally, I would like so see some people wearing this lovely outfit.

They'd have no problem flying Southwest Airlines.

*snork* @ fivver, the normal-looking West Virginian.
(ok, normal for WV)

I think she needs to try out for the "other-worldly girl" in the previous thread

LOL Jazzzzzzzie! (and Chris for his link) I thought about that one too.

Good one, fivver!

My mommy always told me to never combine dots and squiggles.

*waves @ Hammie!!!*

DANG. All the good lines are taken.

I was going to change clothes before going to the dentist, but now I won't need the drapey thingy.

Actually, a multi-functional salad bar ensemble. Sneeze shield confines germs to your own personal micro-climate. Tray divided into compartments, for your kidney bean salad, your pallid lettuce, macaroni & cheese, jell-o, cornstarch surprise pudding, etc. And the interior hub has ball-bearings so the whole thing revolves like a lazy susan.
I stand in awe.

Hey, fivver - would that make her eligible for a Darwin award? She might be the first recipient to make it for a fashion fo paw fax pas blunder.

Plus it keeps her from seeing that part of her outfit is missing.

Fashion Newsflash: Hemlines are going up!

Betsy - "cornstarch surprise pudding?" *grimaceshudder*

The collar is so her parents won't see her wearing that thing - rendering her one of the more intelligent models I saw in the lot. Second place goes to the ding-a-ling trying to hide her face by wearing a trash bag tied around her head... hey, here's a hint - take the trash out of the bag first!!!

She looks so happy to be wearing that.

I'm just wondering how she didn't fall clean off the end of the catwalk.

more like walking the cat

I can hear her talking to her agent now...
"Ack ack, ack ackackack ack ackack ack..."
Oh, wait, how can she use a cell phone?
Maybe that's what that thing's for. Roaming cell towers.

Bye for now *waves* off to the dentist to be tortured.

O/T -- The world of great pontificating enunciators has lost William F. Buckley. Was it Lily Tomlin as Ernestine who addressed him as "Mr. F'Buckley"? Anyway, end of an era (now we have Rush).

Available for $49.95 at Target.

Dang - Buckley was enjoyable to listen to. Whether you liked his politics or not he was an articulate SOB.

(I speak from memory of a time when describing someone as "articulate" was not taken as an affront by the hyper-sensitve.)

No, no, probably at Annie Sez.

*removes giant studded collar in moment of respect for William F. Buckley*

I can't afford this, but I can dream

It's been well over a moment now, Diva. The collar goes back on.

Nice one Merri. For the life of me, I'll never understand the fashion shows in New York and Paris. Seriously, would the insanely rich be caught dead wearing that crap? No. Paris Hilton has a big wad of cash and you never see her wearing a blouse that's got motorcycle handle bars hanging off of it. Just absolute worthless crap and an excuse for the so-called pretty people to be seen.

Sorry for the CJ style rant. I prefer my women in blue jeans and t-shirts, if they have to wear any clothes at all. ;)

Available for $9.95 at PetSmart

*SMACK* for that sexist remark!

Is it sexist? 'Cause that's how I prefer my guys, too.

Well, at least the machete hasn't come out yet today. Being that it's only 12:27, I'm pretty sure I'll see it before the end of the day.

Of course, at my age, that Depends.


nope Annie, you are never too old for the 'young, dumb and full of c*m' naked studs. if nothing else you can always just look and remember when.

Hey....that was kinda nice.

I hope she's got extra clauses in her insurance for all the claims she's gonna make for tripping over curbs etc.

She looks pissed-off. Probably because she spent a lot of time on her make-up and hair, then someone dropped a tire over her head and now you can't see half of her efforts.

Betsy, Rush Limbaugh couldn't carry Buckley's thesaurus. I rarely agreed with the man, but he was clearly having the time of his life sticking it to pompous asses on the left like Gore Vidal, and the fact that he counted among his closest friends John Kenneth Galbraith and Arthur Schlesinger is a sign that he harbored no great ill will for all liberals like Limbaugh. Plus, for anyone of my musical interests the fact that Buckley loved the harpsichord and played it fluently was greatly encouraging. I hope he will get his wish that music of Johann Sebastian Bach be played at his funeral...

LOL Kaffy, you may have a point there.

If it lights up and rotates, she can contact the mother ship.

Of course, if it lights up and rotates, she can also happily stay home Saturday night.

(Thanks to Blair McKee and, let us not forget, Siouxie)

Siouxie, you never looked weirder better! (I trust the collar isn't quite machete-size.)

Some more sad news from the world of sports, especially for anyone in here from Pittsburgh. Myron Cope, the long time radio voice of the Steelers passed away today. He was one of those absolute homers and had a very gravelly voice that is recognizable if you've ever watched Steelers highlights on ESPN.

Have you ever been set up on a blind date, and when you ask your buddies what she looks like, they say vague things like, "She's got a great body"? This outfit is for those people.

Sure is more expensive than a paper bag over her head though DPC.

dances, I have some mini machetes that fit nicely inside the collar ;-)

Rick, check my 10:38 post. THAT particular paper bag may be expensive and it works quite well for those blind date moments, Chris.

It looks like Chris from Project Runway may have had a hand with that "dress".

Ladies, please go through the entire Paris Fashion Week Photo package: http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Paris-Fashion-Week/ss/events/fashion/022508parisfashionwk/

Please take detailed notes and commit the photos to memory. You should also note the figures of the models.

You now have a manual of precisely what not to look like. (If your intent is to be attractive)

It's as I told my brother, fashion writers are hired specifically for their lack of humor.

Dachew - thank you for NOT finding the models' figures attractive. :)

DAMN that Smurfette, stealin' my comments!

Wayne - you can loosen the collar a little. I'll still follow you.

Just a theory of mine but I think that because most of the men in fashion design are gay (NTTAWWT and I mean it) they're making assumptions about what straight guys find attractive. Thus, the pencil thin models.

"Sure is more expensive than a paper bag over her head though DPC."

Doc, please translate DPC. Key slowly, because my kin came from West Virginia. I be's a little touched.

Texgal, he means "Dread Pirate Chris", one of the bloglits.

Texgal - Doc was talking to me.

Oops, and I forgot the "The", as in "The Dread Pirate Chris".

(Dread Pirate Chris)


I will never forget a joke Jon Stewart made in the lead up the the 2004 Republican National Convention. He showed a clip of a woman who owned a boutique, and was showing off some high end designs she bought for the politicians' wives. Stewart's comment, "See, this is what happens when you don't let gays marry. They start designing out of spite."

Oops, looks like I just provided proof of my pedigree.

*Wipes away chronic drool with back of sleeve*

That's OK. You're still my most favoritist cousin.

Dread, seein' as we's kin, yur my favryte brother/cuzzin.

Merri Lee - good quote. Similar to the Hitchcock Syndrome. No, it's not a gay boytoy. It refers to the attitude: I don't like women, so I want them to be in pain.

Nintey Third!

The picture before the belgian crazy clothes was of Peter Schiff. The man that Anne Frank truly loved. Or at least thought a lot about.

I admit to having a crush on Anne as a teen. To this day, if I could save one person in history, it would be her.

Thanks DocRick, for the news about Myron Cope. I grew up hearing that voice "this is Myron Cope on sports"! I'm sad.

Thanks DocRick, for the news about Myron Cope. I grew up hearing that voice "this is Myron Cope on sports"! I'm sad.

The 12 year-old little boy look is just not my thing. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Wait...Yes there is!

I don't know why they bother with those extreme designs. Surely no one buys them.

I have never seen women wearing anything like at the sheep dog trials.

pogo - she does look a bit like a border collie going over a jump.

Designs by Kilroy.

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