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February 27, 2008


The fashion world has been invaded by Zombie Death Women From Space.


(Thanks to Blair McKee and, let us not forget, Siouxie)


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Dachew - that was me. I forgot that I only wear the Smurfette costume on the FIRST Wednesday in Lent.

pretty crazy looking dress!.

Well now...having gone thru a few of the photo lineup associated with that post...and witnessing the photo (8 or 10, perhaps) I don't recall...and seeing the pic of the Chinese waiter with a plate full of cooked DOG's FEET...

Allow me to state, as my beloved golden retriever lies under my desk with his chin on my feet...I'm going to track that restaurant down and I will (oops, statute of limitations comes into play)...

Never mind...I'll errr....do it myself...

A hearty "Amen" to Steve Haller's 12:41, although I must point out that "... he harbored no great ill will for all liberals like Limbaugh." could easily be mis-read.

Steve and Richard...When I was a Young Person, I found Buckley annoying and pretentious, but learned to respect the affection he inspired among his many friends from across the political spectrum. Today the paper printed a 2005 "at work in his office" photo which I found quite touching: not only were his organizational skills about on a par with mine (i.e., totally absent), but I clearly recognize an open box of Glad [TM thingie] trash bags on his credenza. Man -- could I relate to that! RIP, Bill.

Um, if you follow the link RIGHT NOW, it goes to an interesting picture of Hillary Clinton.

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