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February 27, 2008


A crucial vote.

(Thanks to SharonCVille)


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This is so unlikely for Virginia

Snork @ Potty Princess Pageant. Is her float adorned with portapotties and toilet paper?

Is the Potty Princess' throne one of those in the race?

Is the Potty Princess' throne one of those in the race?

"The privies - also known as toilets - are placed on wheels and raced down the town’s Main Street in October during the annual Mountain Foliage Festival."

Makes me wonder about the original planning meeting for this event. What were the participants smoking to decide this was a good idea?

Are they allowed to fish in the privies?

Yes, our fine legislature. (Hi! to Sharon -- from Centreville VA? I'm from Chantilly)

The legislature that can't agree on how to raise money for transportation relief and a bunch of other pressing matters; the official state vehicle should be a clown car.

It is for exactly that reason we clarify that we're from "Northern Virginia", Peter.

These legislators should be canned.

heh! Dave said ass...

makes me very proud to be from Hampton Roads, Virgina. Just about as far away from them as I can get and still not have to drive around the D.C. area. We only have horses roaming our interstate here.

In the words of the Va. Senate Minority Leader, Thomas K. Norment (R-James City),

"If I am going to punch you, first of all, I am going to tell you I am going to punch you. And, second, I am going to punch you in your face," he said.

Complete story here

oneblankspace, now there is a guy that should try out for the West Virginia hollar-type in the movie mentioned above. i'm so proud.

Virginia's tax dollars at work...

Hi, Peter M. (and wickedwitch and Flowergirl)! Charlottesville, actually. Jefferson country. Local motto: If Thomas Jefferson peed here, you can bet we've got a plaque!

Right now it's just a Joint Resolution, but I'm kind of hoping that they'll codify this so that I can put "Potty Princess Pageant" into the General Index for the Code of Virginia.

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