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February 28, 2008


They don't get paid enough.

(Thanks to Rick Pursley and DavCat)


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She got arrested for that? Injustice!

Is there still a ban on making fun of Lardass' name?


Reading and writing and 'rithmetic
Driving me nuts so I lit my Bic

She was just testing the new bunsen burner in the science lab.

The wanna-be cool teacher ain't so hot now. He should have been arrested and expelled for going to school wearing a ponytail.

Yeah, maybe that kid'll go after Penn Jillette next...

Steve - if he does, he might just disappear during their act. (I love Penn.)

Hmmm - all my assumptions shot to hell. George Lardas doesn't have a ponytail because he's a hippie - he's a Russian Orthodox priest, and has to keep his hair and beard long. Probably ties it up for safety reasons at his part-time science teacher gig (I'm not making this up)


Still, Wally, a teacher named Lardas? Maybe they were just frustrated that he came pre-nicknamed.

Gives the lyric - "hot for teacher" a whole new meaning.

"Flaming Teachers" WBAGNFA(protest)B

This must have been the inspiration for the book "Teach Like Your Hair is on Fire!" I am not kidding. This is real book.


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