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February 29, 2008


Danger in North Chico

(Thanks to Mike Watson)


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Back off goose, or the egg gets it!

I went to the home page for that site, and that's the top story - along with news about guns and a gas line rupture. That must be one bad bird!

Mmmm... pate'.

Celine, please...just...go home already.

No fine for honking?

So it was just another wild domesticated goose chase. *yawn*

Send it over here - I'll take good care of it.


Hey! That's where I live! I'm glad it wasn't terrorizing my neighborhood...

We're talking about a goose. Yeah, they're vicious and all, but how much can a goose actually do to you?

Well, Elon, it can, you know, goose you.

That goose has got some Esplanadeing to do.

Seems like it can make a mess in the back of a patrol car.

You have the right to remain succulent.....

Canada geese can deliver one hell of a pinch with their beaks, and have been known to break foxes legs with their wings. The are big birds.

Or should I say, "One big honkin' bird".

Well, Elon, I've had one leave quite the bruise on my @ss...

Well, Elon, I've had one leave quite the bruise on my @ss...

Both cheeks, Diva?

SNORK @ Meanie!

Yes, Ma'am! He was a very persistent Italian. ;)

That goose is cooked.

Probably lost his mate when someone ran over her in a car. They mate for life and are just like humans when they lose a "spouse." They become depressed and then vengeful.

Is there a goose grief counselor in the house?

Talk to me, bubela.





Oye, Chico...KABLAMO.


That's not what peckish means.

Okay so I take it back . . .

"Honkin' Chico and the Peckish Geese"

russel, that's the best one i've heard in a long time!

What kind of town is it where the newspaper is the ER ?

Watch out for those geese.

"Celine, please...just...go home already."

LOL, Annie. Those dastardly bastard terrorists will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life. Now they're using commando Canadian geese!

I have it on good authority the Canada Goose was reacting Obama and Clintons' promise to tear up NAFTA...We're all feeling a little "peckish" about that at the moment...

*sends VS gift certificates to the commando geese*

That was very thoughtful....although I must say that I still cannot get my head around the fact that, in public, Donald Duck was always naked below the waist. Yet when he came out of the shower, he always had a towel surrounding his nether regions...go figure...

Do wet feathers reveal more "skin?"

Sounds like an episode of "Get Fuzzy" cartoon. The dog never wears clothes, but he doesn't like anyone bursting in on him in the bathroom when he's showering.

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