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February 29, 2008


A. Not in the oven.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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The "explosion" usually comes after the meal in my house.

Ah, she must be a baby boomer.

two surprises in this story. not in a trailer or in Alabama.

I'd say they're done.

How grounded do you get when you almost blow up your mother? I pulled a lot of stuff as a kid but not that. I wonder if those children are heading for the border as we type?


I had a neighbor once who burned his house down by sticking a carburetor in his oven, in the process of cleaning the motor of his car. It still had some engine oil on it, and exploded. Duh.

And the Genius of the Year award goes to...

My guess is the kids are on their way to Australia to work as party organizers...

And that may be best for all involved.

or defrosting frozen pipes with a blow torch....

Josh - An acquaintance of mine was cleaning the fish aquarium in his apartment kitchen, and couldn't get it clean to his standards. He poured a little gasoline in the aquarium, lit it, and burned down his apartment.

Duh. is. right.

Bet that cleaned the fish tank right out.

Obviously: Mom (1) knows where the kids normally stash their illegal and/or non-parentally approved stuff, and (2) never cooks.

You just know that they are going to sue the oven manufacturer for not including a warning label:


. . . and the bullets were stored in the microwave. The recommended cooking setting is "popcorn."

Nothing says lovin' like somethin' from the oven.

My mom used to heat batteries in the oven to recharge them.

butt...is it OK to store 'em in the microwave??

*hair flip*

"after she allegedly attempted to turn on the stove.."

I'm pretty sure she got it going.... at least briefly.

Only on a rainy 4th of July.

Of course not, Sio. You should lean them against the radiator.


Well, that meal sure bombed.

*click* *click* *BOOM!*

I periodically hear stories about people forgetting they left their guns in the oven, so I can't say this is a stretch.

WHY do people store things in their ovens?! Do they not have drawers? I have never understood this weird phenomenon. My aunt's oven is full of old newspapers (IANMTU). But then, her entire house would be condemned if the fire marshall ever visited.

How odd, Diva. Why wouldn't she keep them in the hamper like everyone else?

My grandmother (RIP) used her oven to store all kinds of chocolate bars and candy for us (her grandkids).

My aunt used to store pots and pans and a frying pan full of cooking oil. Course she never used the oven.

Well, they live in NJ. Somehow, I am not surprised...

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