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February 28, 2008


This is cool, but you know it started as a prank.

(Thanks to Lorn Ray)


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A tooth for an eye?


eye teeth?

I don't believe this!

With the state of dental hygiene in the British Isles, this might not be a good idea for everyone there.

It's apparently not a new procedure.

does he have to use Crest eye drops?

I had a son who couldn't hear. I put my foot into his rectum and fixed that problem.

There isn't enough booze in the world to convince me, blinded in one eye or not, that I should have my son's tooth implanted in my eye. Ain't happening.


*snorks at Olo*

He should celebrate with a tattoo!!

My mom tried that too, Olo. Didn't work. *attempts to wink, but tooth gets in the way*

So instead of a soothsayer he's a toothseeyer?

Four out of five dentists said WTFBBQ?!

Nine out of ten ophthum optim eye doctors said "I just don't see it"

The latest in blue tooth technology.

This may present confusion to the Tooth Fairy....

That bites.

Snork at all y'all.

MtB - have you been spending too much time on icanhascheezburger?

I don't know if meanie has, wicked, but i sure have!

*laughs at Olo, and yet disapproves of that method*

DD - i split my working hours between this blog and ichc. although i don't get any real work done, i'm amazingly cheerful for putting in 60 hours a week.

LOL, wicked! Ditto!

Sorry, wandered off for a moment. Big snorks @ Chazz's Crest eye drops.

When he goes to the eye doctor now, he has to rinse and spit.

Doc - were you having trouble seeing?

Lairbo - my eye dr. is so cute I wouldn't mind if he asked me to .... never mind.

What an eyesore!

Hope his kid didn't have a cavity. Or a filling for that matter.

They asked me how I knew
My eyeball was blue
Oh, I of course replied
A tattoo was applied
It cannot be un-dyed

They said unless you mind,
You’re going to go blind
Oh, when your cornea fries
You know it’s only wise
Have a tooth put in your eyes

But then I took too much Viagra®
I should have read the warning
So today my vision’s blown away
Everything is blue.

Now laughing friends deride
Blue tears I can not hide
Oh, so I smile and say
When your vision dies
Blue gets in your eyes
A tooth gets in your eyes

DD: Hey-O! & snork.


"Look, Ma, no cataracts!"

So does he go to the orthomologist or the ophthaldontist?

Thanks, Lairbo! I figured we had enough eye stories this week to make a good whole parody. :)

Just because it seemed appropriate.

He is neither nearsighted nor farsighted, but he has a touch of masticmatism.

When a tooth hits your eye
like a big pizze pie
that's Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis

Ok, your options are having a tooth implanted in your eye or this. I'm taking the tooth without any anesthesia.

Mom, SW and Cheryl are making my head hurt...make them stop!

No kidding CJ. I tried googling all those words but my PC spit at me and called me nasty names. This is what I get for using Vista.

Cj- Am NOT!

*pokes Cj in ribs while mom is not looking*

All right now, you two! Don't make me come out there and separate you. You know that CJ's a little slow and needs some help, so stop using big words around him. I don't want to have to tell you again. Next time, I'm sending you to your rooms!

SW and Cheryl, don't make me hafta turn this blog around.

Cheryl, I saw that! Keep your hands to yourself, young lady!

*suspects that if I keep this up that I will be spanked*

*carefully weighs actions versus payoff consequences*

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

*taps fingers on forearms*

Well? It's your choice, Miss!

If I were blind, I'd give my eye-teeth for that... wait.... er..

I am suprised it took the medical profession so long to come up with this solution. Why do you think we have "eye" teeth.

The picture they show in the article is NOT of him. THIS is him:

OK, THAT didn't work. Here it is:

igloo, esker - links?

That is "eye" teeth.

Esker's Link...
My atonement.

Mom, I have a tooth ache...I think I need new glasses.

*swats igloo with wooden spoon on rump*

Those were awful!

*makes appointment with the ophthalmodontist for CJ* You kids think I'm made of money!

"Keep your hands to yourself, young lady!"

Yeah - she could put a tooth out.

Mom -- that's seriously what the poor guy looks like now. The OOKP might SEE like an eye, but it doesn't LOOK like an eye! Here's the Irish article the pic is from:

I was doing something nice for Esker. Why do I get punished and Doc gets away with murder. He used a bad word and all you did was smile.

BTW, Thanks, igloo.


Mom -- that's seriously what the poor guy looks like now. The OOKP might SEE like an eye, but it doesn't LOOK like an eye! Here's the Irish article the pic is from:

Speaking of eye teeth, you can buy them.
Custom Lense

Oh, fine. igloo, the next time you misbehave remind me that I owe you one.

*opens a fresh bar of Lifebuoy®* Don't think I didn't hear that, Mister! Now go put this in your mouth and think about why you're there - and no XBox tonight!

If you kids don't stop posting those vile photos, you'll get no dessert after supper.

Blogbar is open. Here's mud in your tooth!

(Apologies to Mr. Stuffin)

What vile photos? Honest, we didn't do nothin'...

º º º
º ☺ º
Look MOM. I can blow bubbles with the Lifebuoy®.

Isn't that the same guy that gave Mom the hickey? Didn't you video that?

Doctor Richard, GO TO YOUR ROOM THIS INSTANT!! I do NOT need to open that file to know what you posted there. And don't forget I know your middle name, young man!

igloo, STOP blowing bubbles, take that soap out of your mouth this instant and march yourself downstairs for dinner.

*takes soap from igloo, tastes it herself*


Anºd if I ºhear onºe more word aºbout a viºdeo, you'llº gºet no deºssert, eiºthºer!º!

Mom, SW is doing it agaaaiiin....

[and MtB *snork*!]

Stevie, what am I going to do with you? Sit in that chair right there...no, not under it, ON it. No, you may not put it in front of the TV. OR the window. Put that chair in the corner and face it. NO, do not face the chair, face the corner. The CORNER. Fine. Now sit there until I call you!

*steals cigarettes from Mom's purse while she's busy with SW*

"Here's biting at you, kid"

Mom, I will not eat Liver and Onions!! If you try to make me, I'll tell Grandpa how his Cadillac got that dent.

OK..I'm only here for a bit. I'm going to a traditional Hindu wedding this Saturday and tonight they do the "henna" tattoos.

*NOT getting one in the eyeball*

Hold it right there, CJ - you come back with those! Which of you put those in my purse in the first place? Hm? OK. That's it. You're all grounded! Now sit down at this table and eat your dinner and not another peep out of any of you!

Following logical(?) progression, if your rectum was transplanted into your head, then "sh!t for brains" would be more than a figure of speech. Could explain the presidential primary season.

Siouxie, those better not be permanent, young lady! (really have a great time. henna tats rock!)

igloo, you are shaping up to be some extortionist. Here. Eat your bacon cheeseburger and be quiet.

*rips through all the cabinets looking for the gin*

Keep yourselves busy now. Mommy needs a drink....

Sio, you're marrying that star from Baliwood?

"Mother's little helper" actually means the kids in my home, but some days I sorta wish I could resort to something else . . .

Snorks at this thread in general, ducks back out . . .

CJ, no...Abu from the Quickie Mart ;-)


In my house, mother's little helper is a lot closer to what the Rolling Stones were talking about. Except in liquid form.

*looks at Cj. Crosses eyes.*

Mommy's little helper in this house....*screech!*
Um, nevermind.

*Mixes a pomegrate martini and considers need for seriously good blog name*

OK, this could be fun. I stole it from Fark, where it will just get snarky, but I think you wackbots could have fun with it. Not that you will beat my entries....

Hm. Should we have a contest to name Cheryl?

Cool, Siouxie! Henna is fun.

CJ, I'd caption the third one with, "You can't see it but the guys are holding hands, too."

"THE" Cheryl Howard. Pretty much assures no other Cheryl Howards come along and try to usurp her given birthright. *goes back to watching San Antonio whip Dallas in hoops*

And I'm sure as heck not going to post this.



I was looking for this.

Ohhhhh! This could be fun. I don't mean for everyone else, but for me, yes. Because I can't think of a stupid blog name anything clever. Dave offers prizes for this sort of thing. I should likely offer something as well, given the deep wealth of warped brilliant minds the blog offers.

Sitting at my desk I currently have
1) Bubble Gum. Unopened.
2) A Chocolate Sardine. Also Unopened.
3) A tin of book darts.
4) Or what I have on hand/tap.

I leave it to the unwitting (and likely unwilling) Sio and Annie to help select the winner. Also assuming anyone on the blog would actually work for beer be up for it.

someone say beer?

Cheryl, I got Doc Rick because my original screen name was too long and the blogits shortened it to it's current form. Dr. Rickenstien was a nickname I made up for bowling score sheets years ago. You need to look at something along those lines.

Ric. Good advice. But I don't bowl.

Us girls of the female gender don't give each other names for extracurricular activities. Unless one snags the last pair of Jimmy Choos, drastically marked down, in owns own size. That name, however, cannot be use as a blog name.


Sorry. Carry on.

Ahh, cg is home from Pointy Ball. You know that's why I love her, don't you...it's the Pointy Ball thing (Free Agency begins in less than 3 hours!). If I could just get her to move to the beach I would go with her on Thursdays, butt she's weird and likes the bigger squirrels out there, behind the Backwoods.

*zips™ in*


*pops out*

You couldn't pay me enough money to get me to open any of igloo's links in this thread, or anyone else's for that matter. You guys all need therapy. Really. :)

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