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February 29, 2008


(Thanks to Scott MGS)


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I believe brazen hussy El made Bob Hayes Iggy a Sadie Hawkins proposal.

Yes, Annie! Lovely guy (a bit hairy but I know El likes that).

I'm thinking El would make a lovely and demure bride,don't you??

Annie, I can't remember the rules...butt I think everybody has to hurry to the next scene and sing "Jubilation T. Cornpone."

Cj is right, Cheryl. And we think igloo said yes, but we're not positive and we don't know where he is right now. *sigh*

Siouxie...that picture...oy, now I'm verklempt!

footsore and forelorn-pone? (ftr - I couldn't stand doing that song, and yes, I had to do it)

Do you think El will do that during the ceremony? Quite tasteful and totally demure.

Tex - you're right - if she's gonna do that, she needs French tips.

Me too; I was Indian Joe.

"Unshaven and Shorn-pooone."

I could see that. Easily.

Uh, Annie.... the French tip is, "Surrender, as soon as possible, without bloodshed." (Sorry, Amer. XO)

Our El needs "I am not really a waitress" Red fro O P I. Don't worry, I have several bottles. ;-)

shoots an M (the best letter of the alphabet) up^

Absolutely! or maybe something like this? Very good for back scratching, I've been told.

Oh yeah, Med, an 'M' really made that post more clear. I'd like to buy a vowel...how 'bout a Why?

When this blog goes off topic, it sails right off the damn cliff. Holy smokes the blog gals are on a roll tonight. I'm just thankful it is Iggy instead of me.

Shooting the bird could be a nonverbal way to say "I do." Yes, French tips are definitely required, but will Iggy agree?

Rick, the night is young. I may still propose to some poor defenseless blog dude lucky guy! It may be you!!

*wonders where Prof is*

Probably hiding...heh!

Doc, you're best man. Will you be wearing a tuxedo jacket with your T-shirt, jeans and boots?

Who's maid of honor?

And yes, those nails add the perfect UNDERSTATED touch.

Sioux, you didn't mention that Doc's a Mormon in the old fashion polygamous sense.

Tex, everything but the boots and I'm there. I can't wear 'em. As for being polygamous, ain't no way in hell I'm going down that road. One wife is plenty. I don't need two or more nagging me about what I haven't gotten done today.

Where's Wyo, our preacher-man?

Siouxie, get some flamingos on them frenchie tips. That way she can really flip da boid.

I hear you, Doc. I use this site to remind me why I've always been a bachelor. ;P

Tex, he better not be! I hate to share.

For my own wedding, I was thinking of something very traditional and a lovely bouquet.

Don't worry, Rick. You're only one of my top 10.

Iggy's sure takin' a long time pickin' out a tux. Maybe we should send Junior to fetch him.

Well thats comforting...I guess. You know your too good for me. A pasty white semi-redneck ain't exactly worthy of your femininely charms. Now if cg wasn't involved I'd suggest CJ. He's handsome and has a boat I'm told.

"This heavy latex wedding gown differs from the wedding dress in that it also has puffy shoulders, a narrow waist and a pleated train with bows."

This dress also differs in that you will smell like a walking condom.

I wuz scared that was a picture from "The Bounty Hunter" wedding.

oops,....this late in the post i am off topic.

*not hiding*

White? Really, Siouxie. I mean, like, snoooorrrk.

Gad, always practice safe sex...starting at the wedding.

Prof!! how do you like my choice of wedding dress??

Annie, I believe that was OFF-white. I'm a semi-virgin.

No, no, no. You are NOT wearing that, missy. I have the purrfect dress for you.
Do I need to warn people, or is that just gonna make them wanna look even more?

heh!, I thought "safe sex" meant there was no way your wife would find out about it. Seems unlikely at your wedding.

Prof, run now before you get caught up in this rolling snow ball of evil female wedding torture. Seriously, the ladies are on a roll tonight. Take you and what little of you sanity and head straight to the exit. By the way, is anyone tending bar cause I could use a cold beer before I'm married off yet again.

Now,see? I was being nice and Annie went right for the dress color. Yes, Gadfly, I also channeled "Naked Gun."

I dunno Rick... did you see the dress Annie had in mind? I think I might stay.

No kidding Gad! Annie, was that Alicia Silverstone's wedding? Wouldn't shock me considering the actress involved if it was.

Hey Prof! You coming to the wedding? And did you see igloo on your way over here?

*SMACKS* Rick! Don't warn him! I may just ask him to marry me tonight. Sheesh.

Annie, that is lovely. I may reconsider.

No sure El, but some poor guy ran past me screaming on my way in.... something about machetes and hot wax

*throws a t up there*

I promise to keep the waxing to myself. The machete stays though.

Anyone tending the bar??

I believe iggy's been detained. Fortunately, Doc Rick has agreed to stand in for him. I think. Or we have that inflatable proxy. Unless Siouxie broke it already. She's very rough on her toys.

I have the PERFECT wedding singers.

Doc - I'm afraid all we have is the outdoor champagne fountain.


"blog bar open?"

Good question Siouxie, I could use a drink, after reading the colonoscopy thread last week i started making an appointment and chickened out. Today i heard the place i was going to go had exposed 40k people to hiv and hep a-z. Y

Diva Godwined the Thread!

Bad Diva, you now have to carry home your new hubby by midnight, Eastern time.

I like the dress, Annie, butt notice who's carrying the bouquet; I'll bet I know who wears the panties in that family.

Annie, I only broke that one BOB.

Siouxie, like I'd say no to you anyway? ;)

YIKES, Gad!!

Don't let that stop you though. Pick another place and do it.

*jumps behind the bar and mixes a double batch of Kamikazes for the gals and serves up cold brewskies for the gents*

Perhaps, but it was a family heirloom.

And CJ, I think the guy's like that bride dress because the groom is a pudgy regular dude. Like any normal guy has a chance.

snork at "like any normal guy has a chance".
very insightful

*grins* @ Prof!

I'm sure this had nothing to do with it??

*smiles sweetly*

Uh-oh - Gad said 'insightful.' Drink!

Godwined? I have no idea what that means, CJ. 'Splain?

And great - you give me an hour and a half to find a groom? *sigh* I'm so gonna have to settle.

uhh.. course not Siouxie

I think the Prof needs to smile more when he says that, don't you, Sioux?

insightful, insightful, insightful, insightful, insightful, insightful, insightful, insightful,
did i spell it right?

I agree, Annie. I'm not quite buying that one.

Which reminds me...where is iggy?? I believe we have a runaway groom here!


Gad, that place was re-using syringes (Doh!). I trust there are other places. There are many private medical groups out there that charge much less than places that accept Medicaid/Medicare, plus some will even cut the bill in half if you don't use 'Insurance.' Real good Docs that are tired of the grind. My brother (and poitical opposite) just had his elbow operated on and paid cash, out the door for something like $1,700; he was amazed. Just a suggestion, because there are many good docs out there that just don't want to deal with the insurance or government types. These places exist and some very good doctors can be found that accept cash and don't recycle syringes!

Gad - no worries. Just a 'deep thought' moment during a shotgun wedding. Most things like that inspire me to drink.

Gad, there's always THIS place...just sayin'

See now, Siouxie - that's a situation where you COULD wear white.

*puts on latex gloves*


You're right, Annie.

Thanx CJrun. I'll look at that too. Truth told though, it creeps me out more than a little to pay a man cash to stick something up my butt. Even in Vegas.

*thinks Prof is catching up to iggy and running for his life*

See, this is why the guys tend to run at this time of night.

*left at the blog altar*


I'll have to settle for him.


I'll marry you Siouxie, but I need to have access to a TV and beer starting April 2nd. Baseball season trumps everything else ya know. Love Ya!

No, Diva...you have 2 minutes.

Godwin's Law is that in any heated discussion, somebody will revert to 'Nazi' or 'Hitler,' and thus lose. On the Blog, I think Godwin is BM!

Aha! Well, so be it. ;)

And I have SIXTY-two minutes. I'm in the midwest. ;)

Too late, Rick. It's after midnight here on the East coast. You had your chance!

We'll always have Perez!

On that note, I will say my goodnights to all. Sweet dreams!

This might be the funnest place in the blogosphere, can I change my name?

Gadfly. Me first.

Cheryl, your name doesn't convey the sense of an annoyance.

Nope, your stuck with it Gad. Cheryl, I thought we covered this already. Aren't you "Thumper" now or something like that? Cheryl Howard is a cool moniker. Kinda rings out like a school teachers name. Oh wait...*ducks for the billionth time*

Gadfly, get to know her better and you may change your mind.

Just kidding! Jeeez!

How's this? it was my nickname fom my days playing in a band.

Cheryl is the Domestic Goddess and that's all there is to THAT!

What does it mean? It makes me think of Mogwai....

It makes me think of Mowgli and let's keep Kipling out of this.

Gadfly has flavor. Plus it's a fly, which is an arthropod, which is my favorite kind of critter, so it has that going for it. Since my liking of the name is the most important consideration, I think we have settled this discussion.

At the audition i was stoned. The guitarist called me a "space module". Later on i got the spot but it stuck.

I asked CJ once a while back if he liked Kipling.

His response? "I don't know; I ain't never Kippled before."

Kipling: "The female of the species is more deadly than the male."

I like Kipling. :D

Wow! You folks in the other time zones should make a point to catch the last part of Leno, tonight.

A fabulous music act, the "(mumble) Brothers," and a gorgeous New Grass...something. It's difficult to describe, so just watch it and enjoy.

too late for me, CJ.

The "Girls of Hooters" are on Fox Sports right now. What are we talking about again?

What are we talking about again?

Posted by: Doc Rick | 12:46 AM on March 1, 2008



Never mind, Doc. *flips over to Murder, She Wrote*

Dang!,..now it's ricin. Vegas was a bad idea.

Fine! How are you tonight Modgi? I still think DG was the better screen name, but if you want Modgi, it's yours. I understand the "Mod" part of it based on you story, but I don't get the "gi" part. Where'd that come from?

*throws up an "r" to complete "your story"*

I saw that Modgi - Clean Hands told me. They also found "The Anarchist's Cookbook" and some other paraphernalia in the room. Yet they "don't think there's any reason to suspect terrorist activity." *eyeroll*

a loose play on "Maji". Apparently I used to become a little philosophical in my enhanced states, IYKWIM,...

Leave the Hooter's gals on, but play the audio from Leno. I was listening to The Soul Man, on WMNF, but saw real instruments on Leno instead of 'Urban' crap and switched over. I have never personally heard New Grass as well-executed...it's kinda 'out-there' to screw with Blue Grass, to the purists, but I love New Grass, acoustical jazz with wonderful vocals. I used to allow one end of my house to get taken over for the rehearsals of a New Grass band when I lived on a big piece of land. I played the pots and pans, as in keeping them fed.

New Grass is my almost favorite, very close to Mozart or Bach. Yes, I know it's ridiculous to compare anybody to Mozart or Bach, but I just find it a very smart, beautiful music.

And then,......there was this little issue where a woman who followed the band, (Sticky Diz), found herself with child. It wasn't mine but the question was asked "is Modgi the papa?". So, in some minds the logical next alliteration was "papa modj", that was obviously bastardized to "hey Johnny, didja poppa modj last night?" And there it is.

So Mowgli is Todd Rungren?

The Modgis and the Papas.

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