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February 29, 2008


(Thanks to Scott MGS)


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First to not get the link to work.

FRIST! on my own post. I don't *have* to read it!

*shuffles feet, hangs head* Awww, dang.

My apologies Scott, for ruining your moment. My bad.

Apparently, Humble Pie makes better music than this Pi.

I got a pretty good tune out it, but I gave up before it got to the chorus.

(((Scott))) You'll always be first to me. :)

Fun! I don't get how it works, but fun!

Dave could likely learn chords from this!

10,000 brainiacs??

I think the problem is that there is pitch, but no rhythm. Solution: More Cowbell!!

Congrats, Scott. You may not have been FIRST but you certainly are FRIST!

Yeah, but can you dance to it?

It is a random jumble of notes, and the tempo is rather high, and all notes have the same length, and there are no chords. Thus it sounds lousy.

And for my next number.......

Lol, meanie! How about i?

Elon - don't be so hard on yourself. Bitter luck next time.

Meanie - for an encore, can you do e?

Not really, Dread. I ain't got logarithm.

Bitter luck next time? Bitter luck? Why you.. you... you did that on purpose.

Gee, Elon, it's just supposed to be for fun. It's not a symphony tryout - sheesh.



Not really, Dread. I ain't got logarithm.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 03:52 PM on February 29, 2008


Maybe not, Meanie..but if you sum a few bars...

But(t) if it were, Elon, you could play the trumpet.

my, my there's no rhythym in pi
its transcendental, you'll go mental
in a very short time
such geeky toys make it risky to sigh
wringing both your hands and say "why?"

See, I have a rhyme assisting, my feeble brain its tasks resisting.

Can I have a large container of coffee? Thank y'all.

Now I defy a tenet gallantly
Of circle canon law: these integers
Importing circles' quotients are, we see,
Unwieldy long series of cockle burs
Put all together, get no clarity;
Mnemonics shan't describeth so reformed
Creating, with a grammercy plainly,
A sonnet liberated yet conformed.
Strangely, the queer'st rules I manipulate
Being followéd, do facilitate
Whimsical musings from geometric bard.
This poesy, unabashed as it's distressed,
Evolvéd coherent - a simple test,
Discov'ring poetry no numerals jarred.

"I think the problem is that there is pitch, but no rhythm."

DPC, are you suggesting that this should be a part of the "Things White People Like" site?

judi, it's after 5 in the East; can we stop being productive now?

Also, pi is making my head hurt...make him stop!

I'm guessing that 'pi' is iggy posting incognito because he's ducking El's proposal @ 9:54 am on this thread.

Personally, I like his previous disguise better.

El and iggy sitting in a tree...

If I was Iggy I'd be ducking too. Can you imagine a lawyer for a spouse? You'd never win an argument. Of course, I've never been married to a lawyer and I haven't won an argument in either marriage so I guess it doesn't really matter. *sigh*

Finally, a tune that isn't repetitive. I could listen to it forever!

Am I being irrational?

LOL, Chris!

Doc - it's been nice knowing you. *hides Siouxie's machete from El*

♪ &pi ♫

Jeez, Judi, has it been a decade already? Wha hoppen?

I think Chris S. is ready for prime time. No proof needed.

I could play this 22/7.

REally, CJ? Just feels like I'm going in circles....

You math geeks are leaving me to snork your dust! *wipes nose*

Chris, get real!

This is the song that doesn't end...

Will It Go 'Round in Circles
Billy Preston

I got a song that ain't no melody, I'm gonna sing it to my friends (repeat)

Will it go round in circles, will it fly high like a bird up in the sky

Bye-bye, birdie.

What goes up, must come down
Spinnin' Wheel, go round and round....

There are some things in heaven and earth with this ratio,
That dare not be dreamt of in your colonoscopy.

"Can you imagine a lawyer for a spouse? You'd never win an argument."

Rick, with all due respect, you're an amateur in this respect...

I'm married to a legally-trained former police female police officer....'nuff said....not only do I get the interrogation, but I also get the legal argument, the decision, and the inevitable pronouncement of guilt.

Ah, but I'm bettin you love the sentence ......

Meanie....honest to God, we could be twins :-)

Sorry---France = Afkat....must have been over from a surrender...

I see London, I see France....

Sanity has left the building.

Mom never told me.....

Well Annie...like THAT has ever been a problem on this blog before :-)

I am kinda math challenged. The only math proof I recall is the refutation of the formula for the calculated area of a circle...πR²
Pie are round;
Cake are squared.

Did somebody mention sanity? I thought that was considered a curse word in here?

We always fear the unfamiliar, Doc.

Sanity is sometimes considered less than a curse word here. Annie told me...

For El on Sadie Hawkins Day...

"Yes," I answered you last night;
"No," this morning, E;, I say.
Colours seen by candlelight,
Will not look the same by day.

*Apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning*

Speaking of sanity, iggy...you never replied to Eleanor's proposal. There are only 4 more hours left of Sadie Hawkin's Day.

whoa...simul thunking...

iggy...a little advice....RUN FOR YOUR LIFE....NOW!!!!!

afkat - don't you have some snow to shovel?

So igloo, is that a maybe?? :)

I wonder do you feel to-day
As I have felt since, hand in hand,
We sat down on the grass, to stray
Across the blog and through the land,
This eve of Sadie Hawkins Day?

Apologies to Robert Browning.

Shall I have Siouxie and Annie help me with the planning?

I don't know if I'm frightened more by Eleanor or the poetry. Please don't make me find a famous poet to rip off for a joke. I hate poetry! *mostly because I suck at it*

Wrong Iggy...cornbread are square.

Annie, Annie, Annie...I live in the Vancouver area...which means we have the same climate as San Francisco...."SNOW....HAH...I fart in your direction...."

Love me Sweet, with all thou art,
Feeling, thinking, seeing;
Love me in the lightest part,
Love me in full being.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sadie Hawkins is dead
And so is igloo

Alright Annie, I have to be honest here...during the past winter we had something like 13 snowfalls...an unprecedented event. (personally, I blame AlGore). We went thru hell....because we had NO snowplows (I mean, given that it rarely snows here, why would we need them?).

So if i guage the situation correctly, AlGore's global warming religion has resulted in us having the coldest winter in 40 years....orrrrr...we're going to be planting more palm trees in our yard (we already have several, but they took a beating, for the first time in years, from this past winter).



Good ole southern cornbread is made in an Cast Iron Skillet-preferabley round.

The ALGORE knows no shame afkat. He'll probably just blame winter on Haliburton. I have a question since you live near Vancouver, does "DaVinci's Inquest" do the city justice? WGN ran it for a couple of years and one of our local affiliates down here has picked it up. Just curious.

Siouxie - I found our bridesmaids' dresses!

and they're cankle friendly, for your sake. :)

igloo, what do you think about that dress? Too formal?

iggy? iggy?

He's probably out renting a tux.

Yeah, I know. Butt I always heard the cornbread version. I still carry pi around in my head to something like 7 places, just for fun.

I think Annie's album is skipping....

Or heading for the hills Annie. Iggy, I suggest Afganistan. Osama has eluded capture for years over there.

Osama only had the military lookin' for him. Not a jaded bride with a law degree.

I know a terrific pastry chef. I'll donate the cake. But it will NOT be a life-sized image of the bride.

I'm thinking Armadillo, in Southern style, blood red cake.

Oh yeah, El can zip in and use Sioux's machete to whack cut it. Great visual!

Well, the bridesmaids dresses were hot stylish.

I forgot- Siouxie's out scoring vino ordering the food. Med, an armadildo sounds perfect.

Annie, are you and Machete Mama planning to be human accordian bridemaids? Way cool!

Why not a p*cker cake? Would be perfect touch of klass.

I thought the mother of the bride in that pic was the cake.

Ahhh.... CJ, that is sweet. SF is one of my favorite actresses of that era, right there with Sarandon, Streep, and Redgrave.

CJ, I have it in my head to 5 numbers out, which really isn't that big of a deal, but it's something, yes?

Med went all Steel Magnolias on me when I was talking about the bridesmaids photo, butt she's blonde.

LOL! CJ! I was giving you credit..... but looks like your M@stercard has reached it's limit. ;-)

Annie - that's a terrif idea.... the tail can resemble THAT. I may have an extra BOB she can use as "the model."

YAY!! A blog wedding!! I would have wanted to be the flower girl, butt...Annie's picked the perfect bridesmaids dresses. I would have picked something a little more conservative, but we can still use that hat.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Eleanor's blushing
And so is igloo

You're perceptive right, Sioux. They must be IM'ing and planning an elopement. ;-P

Or working out the prenump. ;-) Love you, EL!

Siouxie - I figure the bouncy springs in the dress will give us a vertical leap advantage for catching the bouquet. Seeing as you're, you know, always the bridesmaid.


We need music. Where's Jazzzz and his new guitar?

Goin' to the chapel...

Plus you girls could do the Slinky thing down the stairs.

I'll have no eloping!! I will hunt them down!

Annie, you are thinking ahead, GF!! That is one WAY cool advantage for getting the bouquet.

TRUE story:

The only bouquet I've ever gotten was when I was 11 years old. Family friend's wedding on December 23rd. I got married 10 years later, on the EXACT SAME DAY! (that couple was at my wedding, celebrating their 10th anniv.) IANMTU

Okay. What did I miss? Something...?

Synopsis please.

Did a blogette propose?

*snork* @ CJ!!

Not sure of the rules here. Do they have to get married on Sadie Hawkins' Day? Cuz we're running out of daylight. And moonlight.

Privates note to iggy - it will do you no good to run. We have a proxy and we're not afraid to use him.

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