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February 26, 2008


A subtitling fiasco.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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"Burking in Paris" WBAGNFARB.

"every newspaper proprietor has blown in his hands today".

I hate it when that happens.

Is Burking in Paris even legal?
Does it cause France to surr....

"Burking in Paris," at a theater near you.

God shave the Queen!

Snork at the Meanie!

...or WBAGNFA sequel to a certain video starring a certain hotel heiress.

As if the Queen didn't have enough trouble already ...

Paris is burking?? Don't tell the army.

Is Paris burking?

Is she is, there's a cream for that.

"Frank Lee, I fear, don't live in a dam."

*SNORK!*@ Insom.

I'm gonna make him an otter he can't reuse.

"Badgers?, We don't feed no steenking badgers?"

We are not a muse.

"Show me on Monday!"

"You had me on the floor."

"War is swell."

"You can't HAMMER the tooth!"

"They may take our knives, but they'll never take our edam!"

"They call me Mr. Pibb"

"I have a feeling we're not in canvass anymore."

OK, that last one was really cheesy....

"Pound up the usual rustics!"

"We'll always have parrots."

"Got ahead, maid by day"

"Bong. Jane's bong."

*waves at cowhand*

"I think this is the big inning of a baseball friendship."

"Here's hooking a new squid."

You people are scaring me.

"Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon, and with the rest of your wives."

*waves at DeskDiva$

"Cakes! Why'd it have to be cakes?"

"Ricketts please!"

"Luke, I am your flogger."

"...and your little blog, too!"

"Houston, we have a pablum."

"Rub, Forrest, rub!"

"I'll have who she's having."

"Africa, Africa!!!"

"You know how to Hustle, don't you? Just put your hips together and go!"

"But I've got a BoB to do, too. What I'm giving, you can't swallow. What I've got to spew, you can't be any tart of. Ilsa, I'm so good at being mobile, but it doesn't fake lunch you agree that the problems of we midgets little people don't amount to a spill of seeds in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Now, now... You’re hooking for two quid."

Hears looking at ewe, kid.

"It rubs the lotion on my hose or else it gets the skin again."

"It's a blister! It's a blister!"

*snork* @ "When Harry Laid Sally"

"Slay him again, (Son of) Sam."

Leave the gum, take the frijoles.

"I have always relied on the kindness of strange nerds."

Snort @ 11:37 insom, and tanks for thee job type.

"It's a toaster! It's a toaster!"

(that one really happened in a high school production)

"Yippee ki-yi-yay, Mother Hubbard!"

"Say 'jello' to my leetle flan!"

I'm mad at Bill and I'm not going to take him anywhere!

"I'm an egg salad diver."

"What we have hear is a trailer of communion cake."

*smork* @ Texgal & Layzeeboy!

"E.T, phone Nome."

"Past a barista, baby."

"I'm ready for my clothes up."

Spank it, my dear, I won't give a hand!

ROFLMFAO @ Layzee!! OMG, that's the best one yet!!

"Do you feel Ducky, hunk?"

I have a feeling this thread is going to go on forever.....

Are you lurking, Timmy? Are YOU lurking, TIMMY?? Because there's no nun Elsie here ...!

"I had them climb up my wife."

Only the weak will flinch. The old have pride.

I've had a cup of cheer with these muddy farting snakes on this muddy farting plane...!

Wife's would like a box of chocolates, or you know you're never going to get.

"Drooler? Drooler?"

"My wife moves pretty fast. If you don't cop a feel once in awhile, you can't kiss it."

"You compete with me."

"Follow the yellow Bic note."

"Between queef and nothing... I'll take queef."

I think a lot of these mangled quotes are speaking deeply about all our subconscious minds.

"Who you gonna call? Mythbusters!"

Very possibly, Lizzy. Very.

"We came, we saw, we licked its bass!"

Fig Bubble.

Pig Double.


Life, in New York,
It's Satyr and Dyke!

Everytime a hell brings a mangle gets his things.

It wasn't the planes; it was bootie killed the beast.

"We're gonna need a bigger goat."

"Famed must your beer be before finish it you can."

It's all about the egg salad.

Sometime, when the beam is up against it, and the cakes are cheating the toys, tell 'em, just once to go out there and give it all they're not, and win just one for the flipper.

I ate his liver with Father Beans and a nice ol' auntie.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's an owie.

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit shifting shoes."


Whelp me, Colby on pastrami, you're a homely dope!


It's only a fish swooned.

*Smork* @ insom!

No Cunt$ Try For Old Men.

"Swallow the fellow's d!ck load."


I feel the greed, the greed for weed

I'm gonna' make him an offal he can't defuse...

May tree Porsche be inn ewe.

Layzee - you're on a roll!

"We are the Knights who say, 'Wheee!'"

"I wish I knew how to quiet you."

Hotdog, my frankfurter, I don't hang a ham.

"May the farce be myth, too."

*SNORK* @ Wench!

Speaking of subconscious mind flubber, your's is one of the best:

No Cunt$ Try For Old Men.

Posted by: Wench Lizzy | 12:17 PM on February 26, 2008

And the Boinker goes to . . .

Shaven, not furred.

"Wring out your thread!"

"Fling out your bread!"

"String out your head!"

Extracts ' from your's.

Love means nowhere having to save you sore eye...

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