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February 22, 2008


Cat owners less likely to die from heart attacks, study shows

(Thanks to John Regan)


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Ok, but they're still living with cats.

Being eaten by the "pet" after death masks the actual heart attack CoD.

It's cause they are always running around telling the cat not to scratch the furniture and TO GET THAT DEAD BIRD OUT OF THE HOUSE THIS MINUTE!

Dogs have masters, cats have staff.

Asphyxiation by hairball is, sadly, an untracked statistic.

gotta say after multiple husbands (not at the same time) and live-in S/O's; i trasure my office cats and my head-of-household cat. they are much less trouble and generally don't pass gas in bed and then flap the covers.

It's becuzz we eats all they cheezburgers.

The Death of a Thousand Scratches.

And Wicked, they don't leave the seat in the bootie dunk position.

Must the cats be alive?

I posted this on another thread, but I'm guessing more cat lovers will see it here. It shows what happens when your cat gets tired of playing with the same old stuff ...

Well, I have a stealth Siamese who stalks bare ankles. Tell me that doesn't cause heart attacks. I know it causes screamage.

bali, my new kitty does the same thing...AND he JUMPS on me while I'm sleeping!!!

but I wuv him...

Excellent question, Dr. Doug. Let us know how your research goes.

So wait, what if you just happen to have the whole shebang ?? We gots dogs, cats, fish, and kids. (we drew the line at lizards) Does that mean we'll live forever ??? Because if it does, then I need more vicodin.

Telecom - cats are soothing, loving creatures. kids, not so much. you make the call.

Plus compare how easy it is to get a cat from the Humane Society (which I recommend, by the way -- too many kittens, not enuf loving homes) versus what you have to go thru to have a kid. No one ever needed an epidural to get a kittycat. (Actually mine came up to me on the sidewalk and pleaded as only cats can to take him home with me. A comfy couch and plenty of food beats foraging outside any day. 'Course I'm not sure what he thinks of my playing Mahler or Wagner at all hours...)

not Piper, me -- DAMN when am I gonna learn to change the name??

And by the way I'm sure the above rationale works just as well for puppies if that's how you swing -- but I'm a cat person, always will be...

i'm sure that the cats approve of your taste in music. and if not, they play what they want to when you are out earning their keep. i'm quite sure that mine channel surf while i'm working. i know that they rearrange my stuff when i'm not there.

You're right - all of our animals, minus the fish, have been rescues. OK, except the kids, too. The only ones who are truly grateful for a swell place to live are the dogs. One cat, our dogs found while on a hike on Thanksgiving Day, 2006. He might have been 3 months old, and someone abandoned him at the Wilderness Park. (people are heartless)
He now reigns supreme over all he surveys, and hangs out with the big dogs. Every single one of them is a unique personality, and they bring us joy and laughter everyday. Punkin is the watch cat for the front yard, (the dogs' cat) and since our big dogs are now quite elderly, he lets them know when it's time to bark by running to the back yard. So cute !

Telecom - and that's why i don't want to go to heaven if there are no cats.

Dang, so that's your *cat* who's been sending in all those posts. And here I thought Punkin was a real person...! :)

Where *is* Punkin, anyway? She oughta be dropping in on our kitty talk...

ww, I'm hoping I am reunited with all of my old friends who went to Kitty Heaven before me. And Doggie Heaven, too.
Steve, my Punkin does SOME of my posting, but only late at night, when we have had a glass too many of chardonnay together. The REAL LIVE Punkin is an actual person, with the ramparts to prove it - with a heart as big as the great outdoors. We love both Punkins !

And *snork* Steve - that DID crack me up !!

Telecom - I gots 2 teenagers, 2 dogs, a cat, and a bunny rabbit. I feel so sorry for people who don't have pets. Actually, I just don't understand them. How can you not even have a goldfish, or a parakeet, or something?

If it weren't for my dogs, I'd get no exercise at all. They keep me healthy, and my cat keeps my feet warm!

Thank God I finally got a cat - even if I'm only referred to as Grandma. Woodgie, the cat, is a shameless eyeballer (if you go a cat, you probably know what I mean) and she says Gramma and Mama pretty clearly sometimes, too. I'm glad to have her around. I'm the type who should have high blood pressure and that sort of thing, but I think it's the cat that keeps things together... :-) We has funs togeffer.

I'm owned by 2 beautiful kitties, and they are great to have around.

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