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February 27, 2008


Eyeball tattoos

Warning: Do NOT click on the link unless you want to see somebody getting a tattoo ON THE EYEBALL.

(Thanks to sjhaller and -- as if this needs to be pointed out -- Siouxie)


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Okay, that was worse than the thought that I have to see the dentist today.

Now all he has to do is OD on viagra and his eyes can be blue inside and out...

Ewwww!!!! Should have heeded the warning...

what a good idea... Can i get eyeball piercing too?

"Now that this experiment has been started, please wait for us to either heal or go blind before trying it."

Must be done by a 'trained professional,' do not try this at home. Sheeesh!!!!

"Just in case you weren't yet feeling squeamish enough, bear in mind that it took more than 40 tries before the eye was filled with ink."

And I hate putting my contacts in every morning.

I'd like to see the idiots that actually try this.

You know, kids today and that filth they call music, satan's work, I say, driving them to desecrate their bodies! There aughta be a law.

i'm thinking about what retirement homes will be like in 50 years... blind and deaf people who had their eyes tatooed and their ear drums burst from loud music RIGHT in the ear. good choices. ok, so i'm a big ole geezer.

Nobody's sticking a needle in any of my balls, eye or otherwise.

I'm willing to bet he has blue balls too.

Lizzy - do you think he had those injected, too, or is it just the natural result of his clearly being single?

What, this studmuffin is available???? Say it ain't so.

The tattooer injected ink into the eyeball of volunteer Pauly Unstoppable using a needle, until his eye was completely blue.

Pauly Unstoppable must be an obsessive Dune fan.


The sleeper has awakened ... !

I guess Pauly Shore wasn't available.

I probably shouldn't have, but I went looking for this freak...

Diva, I only have knowledge of the second choice.

I'm pretty sure I saw this on a recent episode of CSI:NY. And the tattoos aren't worse than eye jewelry

I dunno, I'd have to say "are equally as worse".

Pauly Unstoppable...apparently also unstoppable by dumb ideas...

I seem to remember Dave very thoughtfully providing us with information on the eyeball studs some time back. I didn't want it then, I still don't want it now.

'Twon't be long before Madison Avenue
offers advertising space. ('Twill be "Eye Catching"

xamples: Hey Sailor?
What's your sign?
Shorts or, Boxers?
Innies or, Outies?
1. 201 Go Steelers

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