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February 27, 2008


Miami.com. Check it out.


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Dave, you just want us icicles to see the current Mijammie temperature! Not fair.

Loved the tasteful, understated decor of the bedroom.

This new site looks like Martha Stewart exploded all over it. Maybe someone likes the pastel colors of Miami Vice? There's a reason that show was canceled...Whoever thought this "design" was effective and approved the change should be made to attend an introduction to web design and useability course at any junior college. Glad your site hasn't changed, Dave, as I (and I'm sure many others) will skip over 'Miami.Com'.

Um...I like the news site. Nothing else really gets me excited about SoFla, no matter how hard they try...except the Hunt, of course! :)

Well *I* like it!

Is that a bedroom or Dave's office?

Corporate whore! :)

med: it was 90 yesterday and will be 40 tonight (overnight). pretty significant drop in 36 hours ;)

though, okay, i admit it's still warm out.

I like it, too, although the huge bed being the first thing to show on the screen was a tad unnerving. Like-'Welcome to Miami - do you prefer to sleep on the left or right?'

I can just picture some bigwig saying: "Hey! I know! We'll copy Martha Stewart's brand colors and mix them with Miami Vice style photos! And then we'll add some mystery meat navigation! And use light text on a white background because being difficult to read is the in thing now! And then let's totally overdo the whitespace to show we're good designers, 'cuz you know those designers are all about the whitespace, and if some is good, way more must be way better, right? Right! Nah, don't mention that usability stuff -- who designs a web site to be used? Losers, that's who! Not forward thinkers like me!"


Pink Martini is playig in Miami?! Dang I am missing it! I LOVE that band! Amazing!

I'm sure i'D like it if i could see it. It won't let me in and it won't let me register and they said they'd send me an e-mail and they haven't. :(

Eleanor, f you want to duplicate the look of the site, wash a red sock in a load of whites, and the result would be close to this effect. Of course, you have to have Phil Collins music playing in the background as you unload the machine, and a drink in your hand, but still....

Nevermind the pastels, who's the clueless idjit that thought gray text on a (only-slightly-more-)gray background was a good idea? I swear, they should make website designers pass a Human Factors Interface test before they're allowed on the web.

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