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February 27, 2008


Now he's inside a tree.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Siouxie)


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Hmmm, it looks to me like a Ring-wraith from Lord of the Rings.

Looks like Wendy flying after Peter and Tink...


Jack Sparrow.

it's a surfer! Wearing one of those modest bathing suits....

Spiritual Snort @ Rye.

["I put it on eBay a joke to see if I got any offers," he said. "I got two offers, one for $500."

But he insists he is not planning on selling the tree in the near future.]

Yeah, right. That's why eBay is in business -- to not sell things.

Nah! It's from Ghostbusters

Whatever it is, it does look kinda cool. JMO.

Soooooooooo is that what you call "Jesus Wood"???

*preps handbasket*

Oh Sioux, ya got the spirit!

Why is Jesus doing the Electric Slide? Oh, that's right, the wedding at Cana.

I don't know. I got caught up on the Carlizina Jolectron photoshops (sidebar) and forgot all about Jesus.

Or it could just be Death looking for his scythe, or however you spell that word meaning curved instrument of harvesting dead people.

Beanie, depending on the selection, this could get scary.

Those photoshopped pictures are really really weird.

Texgal, some of them were quite scary, sorta Frankenstein-ish, but it does raise interesting ideas ...
Then again, anything to get rid of all those ugly tattoos on Angelina.
I keep pointing out to my daughters that Angelina is considered one of the prettiest actresses, but photographers always go out of their way to hide/erase the tattoos. And with good reason; tattoos are like putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa. No wait, she is Italian, she probably already has a mustache, but you know what I mean.

Layzeeboy -

I believe He was doing the Electric Slide after turning a little too much water into wine.

The dude's Irish... He could see ANYTHING in the wood... (take it away, gang!)

beanie - the first two are beautiful, the rest...GACK!

And BOT, looks more to me like an umpire in a dress. "SAFE!"


Forget the image. Where can I get a shirt like that guy is wearing? I wanna look slick like him.

Looks more like Dumbledore to me. NTTAWWT.

I am so honored to share a posting with Siouxie. She rocks!
Speaking of rocking, Jesus and the Electric Slide WBAGNFARB

Thanks Bill...I am honored as well ;-)

JC and the E-Slide!! good band from the 70's...I'm sure Alien saw them.

Wait - it's Whoopi!

He is stuck in the Time Tunnel

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