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February 15, 2008


Time to get some work done.

(Thanks to Layzeeboy)


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Was this created in Australia - where men are men and the sheep are nervous?

Who sponsors this link, Sealy ??

*Refuses to be first again*

The sixth sneaky sheep's super slick.

I nailed all five without error, but I'm only an "ambling armadillo."

I am a bobbing bobcat. Most consistent time - .192 seconds.

dances around singing mike's nailing sheep, mike's nailing sheep.

bobcat here.

WOOHOO!!! I'm a bobbing bobcat 1st try out. I like this so much better than my mob nickname.

Can't get past bobbing bobcat.

Bobbing Bobcat, and I already had coffee tahnk you very much!

I can't get past "Rocketing Rabbit". I believe it to be impossible.

Stupid sheep!

This is not a good game to play when you are drugged up on cough and cold medicine...

Try this one...

A HERF=<"www.k2xl.com/games/boomshine/"> Linky

Let me try that again...

A HERF= Linky

Okay I give up!

Flowergrirl, it's a href

a href=<"http://www.k2xl.com/games/boomshine/">Linky

It must be Friday!


If you go here
it does it for you automatically...

Thanks, Afkat. I needed that. ; )

The bot won't let me do it. Sorry folks. Either that, or it will show up in three hours.

For some reason I cannot post my standard tutorial here. I have NO idea why!

Yep, something's broke. I put the link in a post, but every time I click Post I wind up on the preview page.

Maybe this time?


ambling armadillo. hmph.

That's what was happening to me. Thanks Richard & Diva!

I'd stay off the Texas roads if I were you, judi...


Brief summary:

opening tag: < a href="http://www.k2xl.com/games/boomshine/" >
text to display: linky
closing tag: < / a >

Omit the spaces and you're good to go.

But a very hot ambling armadillo judi! Besides, ambling is cooler than plain old strolling.

OK - Fg - check your email. I sent you the help it wouldn't let me post here.

Richard managed to get it posted. Yay! I was getting shunted back to the preview page, too. Weird.... Oh. The Magnet. Right. I should know better.

Speaking of the magnet...it becons. I must go pack for a week of fun in the sun in the Sunshine state. See ya'll next week.

*Waves Bye to everyone*

*waves back*

So long! Farewell! Auf wiedersehen! Good night!

*knew I made a mistake when I referenced "The Sound of Music" this week*

That may have been the most torpid 'video game' I've ever encountered. I guess the point is, do you have the patience to sit there fifteen minutes? I made it 45 seconds, then my reflexes kicked in and closed the page. Whoever made that likes looking at sheep entirely too much.

Judi, us armadillos are considered speed bumps in Texas. Of course, these sheep might not do so well in Cut and Shoot, TX. It's a real town north of Houston. I swear!!

Get some coffee? Screw that. I got em, didn't I?

As you can tell, I've already had lots of coffee.

May I remind you that this already appeared on March 14, 2005?

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