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February 26, 2008


It's a chance to experience nature, from inside a portable toilet.

(Also thanks to Doc Rick)


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Put a salt lick inside during the off season, wait for the deer to walk in and close the door. Sounds like a great way for your kids to meet their dinner before it shows up on the table.

When I was younger the toilet was also not for going but for shooting.

Ssshhhhhhh! Be vewy quiet ... I'm hunBRAAAAAPPPP ... aw, wats!

Aw damn, I can't shoot worth sh!t.

Wow - talk about being at number one with nature....

Boy, that'll fake 'em out.

"The company charges 50 bucks each for the old porta-potties..."

Ha ha! Those wacky reporters are always on the lookout for a good pun.

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