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February 28, 2008


Now they are taking away the most fundamental guy right.

(Thanks to DavCat and Annette Gaudreau)


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It's what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.

Guess this means baseball stays in the states.

"compulsive, involuntarily movement, probably to adjust his overalls".

Guess he'll know to just let them fall down next time.

Rutta roha. rutta rabouta ria.

butt...can they scratch???

Shouldn't that be the "third penile division"....
I'm just sayin'

Hey buddy, can you give me a hand?

Somebody better pay-up on his ranch so he can stay home.

So, now what are men supposed to do with their hands?

Only Italian men, right?

I gotcher penal division, RIGHT HEEEEREE....

Will the defendant please rise?


But your honor, I was just switching sides.

Here is an appropriate Scott Adames quote:

Dear Dogbert,

I am a female working in a predominantly male workplace. What would you suggest I do when speaking to male coworkers who constantly “adjust themselves” during our conversation?


Dear Enema,

Proper etiquette demands that a man make adjustments via the front pant pocket while muttering something about looking for change. That, plus some jumping jacks will usually do the trick. You can encourage proper etiquette whenever you see it being done the rude way, by saying something witty such as “I didn’t realize your brain starts the same way as a lawnmower.”



Whoops - that's "Adams". And as all DNRC members know, coworkers is pronounced "cow-orkers".

1. "The judges of the court of cassation...." At least it wasn't "castration!"

2. I read "the most fundamental guy right" as "the most fundamental gay right, which puts the first line of Wally's post into a whole new light.

I never knew that I was in possession of "attributi"

I don't want
Any bad luck
So When I think about it
I touch my balls
I touch my balls


let's not nominate any of those guys to our Supreme Court.

What would be really funny is if somehow, someone could sneak some itching powder into the...shorts of the Penal Division that would take effect just as the ruling was being read…

“We find that it has to be regarded as an act contrary to public…oh, excuse me… decency, a concept including…oh, hold on a minute… that nexus of socio-ethical behavioural rules requiring everyone to abstain from…ahh! Mama mia! $%^*&&^$#^….”

Of course, those are Italian symbols…

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