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February 28, 2008


Earring Magic Ben Affleck Ken


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It's My First Gay Man Friend for Barbie!

judi, you forgot to add NTTAWWT!

Darn. It's only being sold in San Francisco.

(see the enlarged photo for detail. LOVE the pink tux and lavender vinyl vest!)

Shouldn't the box be shaped like a closet?

Lizzy, so your Barbie's like a fag hag? (nttawwt)

Is that a c*ck ring dangling from his neck??

I always thought Midge had the hots for Barbie.

btw - I have the "Divorced Barbie." She comes with all of Ken's stuff.

Hm. They forgot to put a tribal band tattoo around his left arm. (NTTAWWT)

Big Ol' Snork @ Annie!

One of my alltime fave videos from SheTV - the Barbie Bar. (skip Al Franken if you want and go to around 3:30)

Who's that in the car with him? Liberace?

I've got Texas Chainsaw Masacre Troybuilt Lawnmower Barbie. She's very... nimble.

My GI Joe kicked Ken's @ss and made Barbie's toes curl.

Good grief, that's a riot! What is this SheTV? Is it a show I missed out on?

*Ahem* Al Franken has good legs. I wonder if he shaved for the part.

Another reason I loved SheTV - Bagitta. Jennifer Coolidge rocks.

I went to school with a guy that looked just like that!

CJ - sounds like the same effect you've had cg. :)

No bids yet, gentlemen ladies persons-at-large. Bidding starts at only 99¢, however S/H is US $14.99. Get in there and bid!!!

Ha! I knew there was something iffy about Ken. With a name like that what do you expect.

*inserts "on" before "cg" in last post*

OK - the Bagitta thing is familiar. I must have seen the show and forgotten it!

*SNORK* @ Mot!!

gjd - looked like which? Ken or Bagitta?

Mot, I agree. Those "Kens" are pretty dang weird if ya ask me.

We just popped out for dinner at the local Italian restaurant and I was amazed at the total lack of crotch scratching. I must admit to being relieved by that as the waiter had his thumb in my lasagne.

"...the waiter had his thumb in my lasagne."


CJ - 'action figure' = 'dolly.' And ftr- GI Joe had no sense of how to accessorize.

*snorks applesauce on screen*

*wipe, wipe*

Seeing as I'm unable to blog and watch TV simultaneously I'm off to get my weekly dose of inanity from Desperate Housewives, catch you later.

I'm sure this will be all the rage in San Francisco!

snork @ Annie's Divorced Barbie

Remember Roseanne's Trailer Park Barbie?

I caught my then 11-year old son & a friend playing Hooker Barbies with his sister's dolls a loooong time ago.

I'll bet you think he's talking about the TV show, don't you ... ?!

*eyebrow pop* Hooker Barbies®? Oh. My.

Steve - If he's callin' Mrs. Hoople inane, I don't think he's gonna get his weekly dose of anything, IYKWIM.

"Desperate Housewives" Mot? Really? *methinks we may have found the model for that Ken doll ;) *

Ass a leetle chiquita en Cuba, I has played wis Barbarita from El Barrio. Shes liked to esmoke el ceegar an she had da preeeetiest machete for da protecshon. Big culo too.

Doc - Mot is every bit the manly gentleman. He's simply not afraid to get in touch with his emotional side.

*psst, mot, i did it. now where's that fifty bucks you promised me?

"Is that a c*ck ring dangling from his neck??"

siouxie, for a minute i thought you meant this:


(yes it's true; i own one)

It has a Buy It Now price of $24.99. Hmm, who do I know that would appreciate such a gift? Siouxie, you need a date for the weekend don't ya? I'll pay if you want him. ;)

judi - you go, girl!

Ken would make a nice toy for Dick Cheney's grandkid.

I have to get one of judi's 'Chaineys.' So when my puritan friends touch my necklace and go, "Oooh, pretty...what is it?"

Or Larry Craig himself.

He's a bit large for a playmate, don't you think, Doc? Though he could give the kids tap dancing lessons.

judi's linky

LOL judi! I want one!

oh and

*SMACKS* Rick!

Ok, that makes it official. Now I can start my day. Thanks Siouxie. :)

A glutton for punishment, aren'tcha, Doc? It's kinda like Stockholm Syndrome.

*snorks*@ Sio's Barbita!

*jerks judi's chain*

watch it, there, cj, you're liable to jerk it right o.... whoops!

I must be a bit slow. I have always thought Ken was gay.

judi, oh. my.

judi, you can party with me anytime. i've got one in gold plate. and 90% of the people that see it have no idea what it is.

I *don't know how to do the heart symbol* ebay

I ♥ eBay.

(MKJ - it's <3>, but you have to use the 3 on the keypad, not over the letters)

Those pendants look positively jurassic.

I'm not surprised Wicked. It took me about a minute to realize what it was, and that was with the helpful name.

Anytime, Rick ;-P

Dangit. That was supposed to be [alt][3]. Sheesh.

BTW, the housewives were suitably desperate.

O/T, SA has been in the news for all the wrong reasons again. I know CNN was carrying the story on it's international service but I hope it hasn;t been aired over there. Back O/T

Now you've piqued my interest, Mot. What story? And where's that fifty bucks?

DD: Me too!

Prolly this one Diva

Geez, Elon. YUCK!

That's the one EW. *Hides head in shame*

my god, that's beyond horrifying.

amazing and so depressing. we can send people to an international space station, visit the moon, manipulate genes and yet we still don't know how to get along with each other. sorry, i'm done now.

I love their explanation - that it was "playacting." Right. And how did they get these black students involved? Did they TELL them it was playacting?

Mot - you have nothing to hang your head over, Love. You are a gentleman and a scholar and have nothing to do with the reprehensible actions of a couple of students who probably should be on an Australian party list somewhere.

Every time I think we've progressed along the road toward normality we seem to take a half a dozen steps back. There has just been so much sh1t happening over here during the last year and many are fearing that we're heading towards being another Zimbabwe.

Mot you can be proud that things like this are no longer accepted as the norm in your country. That is a good start.

wicked - I'm reading an old sci fi novel by Alan Dean Foster (Nor Crystal Tears) that Clean Hands gave me. It details a civilization that questions the wisdom of interacting with humans because of our penchant for cruelty to our own people rather than a banding together in community. It's not the focus of the book, but it's still quite thought-provoking.

(((((((((Mot))))))))))) you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Horrible but it could have happened anywhere, including here in the good old US of A.

what siouxie said.

There was so much euphoria in 1994, Nelson Mandela emerged from 27 years of incarceration and hugged his jailers. The BBC have recently completed a documentary called "There are no more Mandelas" which is quite scary and paints a very bleak picture of the future of this country.

I'll rephrase that. It HAS happened here in the good old US of A. And continues to happen. Sad, but true.

Hey, I knew I could rely on my blog buddies to make me feel better.

Siouxie reminded me of a story that my 6th grade teacher told us (WHY she told us, I dunno!) about boys at her previous school who really did make a kid...drink....GAG. It wasn't race oriented, just evil. This was in 1981 or so, so it ain't new.

Those people should have a tooth implanted in their eye without anesthetic.

One of the Dick Chainey pendants made me wonder if the VP is now permanently seeing blue.

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