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February 27, 2008


Python eats family dog in front of children

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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So they photographed the event?!?!?!

My thoughts exactly, Drew!

"That'll teach the dog not to cr@p in the house! Now, would you like to guess what happens the next time you don't clean your room?"

Whut? The friggen snake has a taste for Mexican food and the Taco Bell was too far away.

MtH: Yo quiero chihuahua.

The snake sent geckos ahead to scout.

Clearly the pythons have learned a valuable lesson about what is safe to eat ...

I also thought it weird that they would photograph their dog being swallowed like that. I also found another website that showed a man holding up the python with a bulge (dog) in the middle. Pretty gross.

If you've already lost a cat and guinea pig to the snake, maybe you should keep your dog (and kids) in the house. Dee di dee.

Where can I volunteer our Wheaten Terrier to be the next meal?

Can we train the pythons to eat squirrels?

Can NJ borrow the python to eat Governor Corzine?

I've signed the python up to be Larry Craig's new intern.

This guy leaves his 5- and 7-year-old alone in the house?

Isn't he concerned about illicit parties?

Lucky it wasn't a dingo...

Don't all Australians carry three-foot knives? They can't be that hard to hack open.

I'm just sayin'

No worries, they only drink beer at that age there; they don't start anything illicit until age 10 or 11 (much like what we see in W. Virginia).

Circuit, that was my exact thought. Run in the house for the camera, but not the meat cleaver or the axe?

Personally, I'm gobsmacked. Instead of grasping and using a number of readily available sharp objects to kill the freaking snake before it swallowed their pet, they grabbed their CAMERA to record the event????

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