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February 29, 2008


How's your steak?

(Thanks to Siouxie, who also sent in this hair-related item from Paris Fashion week, concerning models sporting what Siouxie describes as  "Dave Barry hair."  We see no resemblance.)


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Server: And how would you like your steak, sir?
Me: Medium rare, clean shaven, thanks.

Hair pie, people. Hair pie.
And it's usually dessert, not a main course.

It is the risk you take when you send food back. I used to work in a restaurant in college, and you just don't want to know what the kitchen does.

A little hair of the dog?

Server: And how would you like your steak, sir?
Me: Just a little off the top, please.

Yes, the DNA was there

That's just gross..... I have heard similar stories from chefs and coworkers, something about a tea bag comes to mind.... YUCK.

Two Words: Open Kitchen.

That is the kind of kitchen where you see the chefs on the line, cooking the food. They aren't out of sight in the back of the house. Much less opportunity for "accidents" to happen, IYKWIM, AITYD.

Regarding the "Dave Barry hair," I really think it looks more like Moe Howard.

Luke, I am your mother...

The latest fashion trend, based on what we've seen here at the beloved blog, seems to be the inability to see.

Oh, and never, ever, ever send your food back to the kitchen. Always just ask for your money back.

Once again, the reporter didn't get all the facts.

Cook says "pubes," restaurant says "facial hair."

Either way, YUCK!

Reminds self to NEVER send anything back to kitchen...

...carrying up to 3 1/2 years in prison....

Hair today, con tomorrow.

"waiter, these hairs are curly, i ordered straight!"

I suppose......pubes could be......facial. Yeah, right.

RE Dave hair: I think they wear their hair that way so they don't have to look at the rediculous clothing they are wearing.

I think Dave dresses just fine, Ellie.

Steak au Perv.

Steak with a Wild Shroom Ragout.

A strip with a side of Clapshot.


I saw that on a rack at Target the other day. I asked myself, "real?"

BTW, never order the pork at that place.

Soup du jour: C0ck-a-leekie.

And yet another Scottish treat: Mince and tatties (steak and taters).

"Steak au Perv" and "T-Boner."

Hairball ^5 Snorks @ Meanie!

For insecure guys: Shrimp Cocktail

"How rare would you like your steak sir?"

"Just shave it and wipe its ass"

What's the big deal about eating a wild hare or two?

"al's-berry steak?"

LMAO at C0ck-a-leekie soup! Yea Medi!

*zips™* in (thanks, El!)

ellie, when I sent this in, I also noted that "at least they don't have to see how they look". If you click on the pictures there are more outrageous outfits...same Dave Barry Moe hair.

Oh and almost NEVER send my stuff back. I'd rather not eat it or politely ask them to fix it. I know, I 'm a wuss. I just would rather not eat pubes...or hair...or spit...or ...

Back to the tax trenches...

*zips™* out

Insom, it's still better than dingle berry cobbler.

Check, please!

hmm and I prefer flossing after dinner...

I think lil is using the Mac again.


a young Dave...or his more evil twin 8)?

rascal, that kid may have a future in the American Pie movies. Bwahahahaha!

Ok, gotta go make the doughnuts, and shave the steaks. Peace out.

*smooch* Med!

Regarding the model with the "Dave Barry Hair," is she even alive? Because she sure as heck doesn't look it.

lil, was that Dave taking his driving test???

Wow, Dave must be getting really famous. I'm seeing hair style everywhere.

*injects "his" into above post.*

First the catwalk, now the movies??? I foresee a future with Dave hair for all.

This should help his candidacy. No other candidate has "THE hair".

As a candidate, dave has his hair going for him as well his humble beginnings being the son of a foreign exchange student from Kenya. Plus he speaks like angels are about to appear and make a pefect world. And He wants change. It's the hair that got my vote.

nah, lil. it's the blue shirt.

Snork at the insane drive video.


Sorry - hairball.

Dave, the candidate's, idealism is infectious. Not to the point of a rash, but as intoxicating as the drugs available on Waikiki in '75.

mmmmmmmmmmm, rascal. especially the chocolate bud and the elephant. what? now i know why my memory is so bad.

I feel like a 'first wife' who never understood the meaning of socialism.

Subconsciously I want to Google Barack on drugs in Hawaii. My better thoughts won't let me.

GMTA Siouxie! I'm with you on the sending the food back thing too. Better tepid soup than lugie soup. *cack*

You can shave your beef? Who gnu?

As for the tresses, I'd go bald to have a thick head of hair like Dave's, who is younger than the President. Yes of The Hair Club For Men.

Shave the liver!

LOL ellie!

and a *hairballsnork* @ Meanie Julia!

lilrascal - Jon Stewart did a great bit on Hillary the other night. He played a tape of her from a campaign rally saying (and I'm paraphrasing), "He talks as if he can lower taxes, make angels sing, and everything will be perfect."

Jon Stewart (as Hillary), "But I'm here to tell you you're f@@ked. Everyone now, 'NO WE CAN'T! NO WE CAN'T!'"

JEC - I'm assuming the pubes ARE facial because he clearly had his head up his @ss!!

Would you like curly fries with that? No, just the curly steak?

(Hat tip to Bill Leff of the Roe Conn Show for that. Here, have a Brown Mumbler, fresh off the Canarble Wagon, to kill the germs.)

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