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February 28, 2008


Tip for Law Enforcement: You may be looking for five trucks.... or 10 women.

(Thanks to queensbee and Rick Pursley)


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Let 'em go, boys. Nothin' gets between a gal and her chocolate.

Some woman must have had a really bad day.


*smacks Layzeeboy*
If you stole a beer truck I wouldn't blame YOUR hormones. Unless it was parked at Hooters.

Nah. Then he'd still be inside.

Siouxie!! Put it all back now!

Siouxie's got the radio blasting and the rearview mirror torn off. Hershey, kiss my culo!

Now, they need to keep an eye on sales/thefts of sweat/yoga/elastic-waisted pants. That's the key to cracking this case.

hehe..you said it, Annie!

you'll take my chocolate when you pry it from my cold dead chocolate-covered mouth!

So - is she heading to Carolina or California?

Stealing chocolate? That ain't kosher.

"Honey, does this 2 million pounds of chocolate make my butt look big?"

"Yes, Dear."

He said the company's alarm system was deactivated and its surveillance footage stolen as well, leaving the fate of the creamy chocolate a mystery.
Hmmmmm. Or rather yummmmmmm. Now to figure out how to get those five trucks from Israel to here...

Didn't someone in England swipe a truck full of chocolate eggs last year? Right before Easter? Seems like a trend, no? This could get Hare-y.

...it would require five large trucks to transport the stolen chocolate....

Man, I hate Sundae drivers.

snork @ "Daily Yediot"

What's so funny about ידיעות?

It was either the "Hormonal Blogettes" or all those women taking SNL's "annuale"

BIOFUEL for Virgin Atlantic jets.

The energy saving airline, (Now called Air Aphrodisiac,now offers hot chics direct flights to Hershey Pennsylvania.

There are additional fees for 'Chunky' Frequent Fliers

Wait a week. Start looking for large shipments in-country of Clearasil and/or Oxy Pads.

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