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February 28, 2008


Man follows tracks to alleged snowmobile chop shop

(Thanks to Doc Rick)


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What's Bangor doing in Michigan? That is the real CSI.

Attention all criminals. Not only are most businesses and a growing number of homes have surveillance cameras pointed at you, but if you steal a snowmobile and drive it away in the snow, you are going to leave tracks in said snow. It doesn't take a forensic team to follow you.

set out on a borrowed snowmobile following tracks in the snow for about 10 miles through fields and along roads.

Over the river and through the woods...

Nope, I got nothing.

Elon - I had the same question.

Bangor is near Hartford and Lawrence. I think the people who first lived here couldn't come up with original names.

Bangor is where SK lives.

Coinkindink?? I think not!

Skimobile chop shops? What's next - black market sled dogs?
The great white north ain't what it used to be.

That just seems so logical. I wonder why he was the first person to think of that approach. "Gee, there are tracks here in the snow, perhaps we can follow them?"

i know the people who got busted for the bangors chop shop because it was my family and the funny thing is that they do not have half of the story because there is a lot more to this story then what they wrote

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