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February 28, 2008


(Sent in by everyone with a computer)

Honorable Mention Update, thanks to Jamiept and Sandi Kubbs


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HAH!! I did not send this in!! shocker, I know.

I was too cold this morning.

I didn't send it in either. But then, I don't have access to a computer. Ever. In fact, right now I'm mailing this in. And I still beat you.

Did you read about the old bingo players shushing the robbers in a prior robbery attempt? Hilarious.

*smacks* Annie!!

sorry, guys...Siouxie made me do it.

I love a good feel good cause bad guy gets it in the end story!

*quietly thanks judi & the blog crew for removing my multiple posts* Too much stolen chocolate makes me post-happy.

One would-be robber was tied up; the other in the hospital.

Annie, get out your red pen.

It's a sad state of affairs when an innocent machete is used for criminal purposes...

Annie, get your gun.

Steve, I happen to have a license to carry a concealed machete ;-P

I also did NOT send this in! What the heck's the matter with me?

i was at the dentist. but these people are mega stoopit.



Boy, shhh this blog and folks take it seriously.

*Hopes blog knows I was kidding. And that I am not a big burly biker dude.*


How do you conceal a machete? Or shouldn't I ask?

Kristina, I'd tell ya but...ya know... ;-)

Re: The suit thief:

Nice rack!

He had a clothes encounter.

5 years in prison will suit him just fine.

He needs a class in hanger management.

Perhaps we should let the pun-ishment suit the crime?

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