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February 28, 2008


(Thanks to jon harris)


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There don't seem to be any body cavity search tools. Bummer.

Batteries and resealable clear plastic bags not included.

Is it just me, or is the guy on the right wearing an SS uniform?

Elon: Why are you wearing an SS uniform?

At least it isn't a Hillsborough County Deputy doll dumping a paraplegic doll out of his wheelchair.

Oh that. Erm, I didn't have any other clean clothes to wear, yeah.

judi, there are mixed messages about your job security...

Geez. When I was a kid, all we had was the McDonald's play set and Holiday Inn playset. My how times have changed.

When I was a kid we had to 'search' ourselves. We called it 'Playing Doctor.'

I can't wait for the "Harsh Interrogation" set!

Is that figure going through the checkpoint Dave circa 1978? Just curious.

CJ, I know! I just wonder why *I* was always the patient...

First the 1990s Ken doll, now this. I'm going to go broke buying all this crap to display on my computer desk.

When I was a kid we made our own toys out of candles, cotton reels and elastic bands.

I have a question, does the X-ray work?

Probably because you didn't have your machete back then.

Mot, you're sure you didn't grow up in east Texas? You and my dad seem to have very similar childhoods.

Well Doc, my dad, who fought in WWII, taught me how.

Blog repeat (10-14-05). Must be an Amazon best seller, though.

Further reasons judi should be fired:

This and this.

Although at least one of these was posted by the Dave 'imself.

my sister used to play dentist with the dog. she let him clean her teeth. isianmtu.

You had cotton reels? We would have killed for cotton reels! We had to make our own cotton reels out of mud and leaves!

[WTF is a cotton reel? Is it anything like a Virginia Reel? We had Cottonmouths, butt they weren't fun to play with.]

For the child who aspires to fondle people for a living.

What gives? Some comments seem to have vanished without a trace.

pssst, cj, it was a typo. he meant cotton eels.

Coming soon, "Guantanamo Bay Play Prison." Waterboarding accessory set sold separately.

Now, now, we only possibly waterboard, and if we did, it wouldn't be torture.

Next you'll tell me repeatedly smacking upside the face and screaming confess is also torture.

*snork* @ Guin!

Okay, let's get a Bratz. Conceal a toy AK47 or Uzi on it. Put a miniature nail file in it's little purse. See whether the doll passes or not.

I'm guessing that if a kid asks for this, it's a sure sign they're budding anal retentives. Which, of course, WBAGNFARB.

Special - OR budding terrorists.

Retentive anal buds?

I know this thread is old but Mot may have meant a 'spool tank' http://users.bigpond.net.au/mechtoys/tank.html

Ibid, spot on, that's exactly what I was referring to.

CJ, a cotton reel is the wooden reel that cotton was wound onto. Did you never raid your mother's sewing supplies for interestinng things to play with?

... um ... Mot?

Over here, we call 'em "spools" ... for those of us who had moms or spouses who actually "sewed" ...

Merely trineta help ... bridge the language gap ...

Seems that the interesting part of the amazon page continues "below the fold." Go back to the page and see what "customers who bought this also bought:" and view all the L. Ron Hubbard items...(Holy Tom Cruise! Batman)

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