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February 29, 2008


The site has been moved.¹

¹Frankly, we are not surprised.


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Injustice! I demand it be moved back.

Looks like Dave's moved slightly more to the left.

I already submitted a question. Am I first to do that in the new spot?

Why weren't WE, his faithful and loyal followers, not asked before this movement? I see a conspiracy brewing.

Speaking of brews...blog bar open yet??

When someone moves, isn't it proper to bring a house-warming gift?

Onerous Duties Discharge WBAODDNFARB.

Finally some movement in Dave's campaign.

Musta been the Benefiber™

I think it was MoviPrez¹.

¹Strictly for use in the oval orifice.

I'm sure he's relieved that it is all behind him now.

No childish joke left behind.

And let's hope he isn't covered by Aetna ... !

Now he has more posts to go on.

*Refuses to think of "juggernaut" in this context*

Wait till his opponents get a whiff of this.

At least he's not the enema of the people.

I hope his campaign doesn't go down the toilet because of this.

If he's not careful, this campaign will really be about change.

Thank goodness we were informed of the move. How else will people know Dave's wide stance on important issues.

How else will people know Dave's wide stance on important issues.

Posted by: ellie | 02:08 PM on February 29, 2008

Well...it Depends...

Will future Oval Office blue dresses have brown stains?

Dave's gonna wipe the others up. Without any smear campaign.

Dave will have the turbo charged capacity to blow the lid off of Capitol Hill.

I agree, Layzee. He'll flush away the competition.

Yep, Tex. No low-flow candidacy for Dave.

Dave's the reason Tancredo's campaign got skid marks.

I think we clogged up this thread...

On second thought, he'll blow the lid off Cr@pitol Hill. Yup, that's much more accurate.

The RSS link for the Q&A is broken -- it's got a couple of slashes at the front that do bad things.

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