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February 29, 2008



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Can they tack a few years on to his sentence for being a dumb a$$? *crosses fingers*

I don't have my glasses, so I can't tell for sure, but does the tattoo on his forehead say "looser"?

There once was a punk name of Rudy,
Who fancied himself a real cutie,
He said, "Come get some,"
So the cops they did come,
Now some con's toolin' Rudy's patootie.

as opposed to "tighter"? (sorry, couldn't resist)

*removes extra 'o'*

*puts on glasses* nope, it says loser.

:p @ judi lol

LOL Annie!

What a maroon.

Um, Sio, he's not purple.

''Metro-Dade gang unit, here I am, baby,'' Villanueva said with a smirk, an AK-47 in his hand. ``You know you hate seeing me play like this.''

It should also be a crime to be that ugly on purpose.

but Siouxie said he had some most appealing 'other' features, IYKWIMAITYD. Annie told me.

Yet another reason why the gene pool could use a bit more chlorine.

He's in the clink AGAIN? Damn, now I have to get another date to the ballet Saturday evening!

wow. dumbass like that is way hard to beat. whew.

ec - I hear this guy's free. wicked told me.

This one's not incarcerated, too, is he?

I'll check with his parole officer.

Can we share??? He's quite a hottie!

Looks like the tattoo on his head says Cuban something....No offense, Siouxie...

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