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February 11, 2008


Go here.

Dave "Twenty Eyes" Barry

(Thanks to Jazzzz)


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?The Ox?

Baby Buns?????

"Dreamboat"? Wow, this thing is AMAZING!!!!

Bãrön "The Rooster" vønKlýff????

The Mouthpiece. Hmmmm....

Youse got a problem wid dat???

The Harpoon

The Just.

Just what?

The Umpire!
Strike one! Strike Two! Strike Three! Yeeeeer ooooouuuttta there!
Haha! I like that name. And now we are all on the mobs hitlist after visiting that page. Oh well, life will go on without us.

Guin "The Lemming". *snork*

The Hawk

The Clam??? I don't even live near an ocean.

I got "Twenty Eyes" the first time, too, so I guess Dave and me's gonna hafta meet in Jersey someplace and settle this all proper like, onced and fer all.

Second time out I got "The Gimp."

Lizzy, I get "The Umpire" if I go with "Siouxie" and if I use "Susy" I get 'Napalm'.

Siouxie, They've been reading the blog apparently!

Hillary Clinton = The Vampire
Bill Clinton = The Mannequin

You'd think, no??

I got 'The Knitter' and 'The Mouthpiece'. Very interesting.

Dr. Bob, if you were to use William Clinton the name generated is "Three Fingers".


The Icepick. Yay! I'm heading to Minnesota to assist with ice fishing.

The Icepick.
I like it.

judi, that's like where you say someone is "bad" and really mean they are good.

"No Thumbs"

I'm not sure if I like that or not.....

Hillary "The Vampire" Clinton
John "The Stare" McCain
John "The Heartbreaker" Edwards
Barack "The Pope" Obama

I vaguely recall a Dave Barry column from years back giving advice on how to get out of a meeting, by having an accomplice barge in and say that there's a phone call for you from the President, or the Pope. Followed by a clarification that it should be one or the other, not both, as that would sound suspicious. I think Barack Obama just doubled all our chances of escaping meetings.

Sweet Nostrils?

Siouxie: Yeah, but if I use Three Fingers as the name I get The Fist. Go figure.

Arnold "The Enforcer" Schwarzenegger
Maria "The Jury-Tamperer" Shriver
Ted "Junior Mint" Kennedy
Barry "The Mouthpiece" Manilow

Does this program know something we humans don't?

Twinkle Toes? I only dance when I'm drunk. Oh...nevermind.

The Jeweler. I like.

Typing in "Twenty Eyes" got me "The Rooster".

If I use my maiden name, I get "Lonely Guy"...wassup wid that???

Ted "Mullet" Habte-Gabr.....

The Ostrich.Yep, that's me. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and run like he!!...

The Compass...

When I entered "Matthew Filar" it came up with "The Harpoon". Not bad, I thought - bit of a nautical theme. When I entered "Matt Filar" it selected "Chimpy Nuts". Which do you think is better?

The Compass...

Walt "The Executioner" Disney. Strangely appropriate.

Matt, I kinda like "Chimpy Nuts".

I agree, Siouxie. Anybody can have a name like The Harpoon. Chimpy Nuts is/are kinda special.

"Danger-Prone" -- yeah, I like it!

Don't tell me anything.

The Pope

LOL @ Jan the Squealer.

The Pope

My wife's mob name: The Mannequin

I'll really be sleeping with the fishes if I tell her about that one.

HEY!!! I got "baby buns" too...I want my money back...


How come some'a youse guys get to be "The Pope," but I only get to be "The Bishop"?

Yeah, cspencef, but da Pope doesn't have THIS.

Cspencef: don't knock it. The Bishop is a man of action!

Great minds think alike, meanie.

And so do ours.

if I use Elizabeth: "The Mortician."
If I use Betsi: "Pants."

What about betis?? ;-P

mine is "the bishop"!!!! i thought for sure it would be gefilte fish mamma or something. now i'm thinking about that great python skit where terry j is a bishop......

Mot "Napalm" the Hoople

hey they give the same name to several people .... you dont suppose this thing is a fake, do you???

oh and thanks for the link to the bishop skit. one of my faves.
we wuz too late...

If I enter Suzy Q instead of my real name, I get Ghandi Mangler. That's WAY better than Twinkle Toes!

Judi: I'm "The Ugly" too. Frankly, I am a bit offended.

The Merciless...

*zips in*™

I'm not doing it because I think if I do, the terrorists will win. But I did want to comment that it has a bad word in it.....

I hope Mary's kids don't see it.

*sigh* I just don't wanna know why.

El, I did yours ;-P

"The Pipsqueak"...really? *sigh*

Yo, waiddaminute! It gave me Cheryl's "The Jeweler" nickname too! What's up wid dat...?

just not a party animal, I guess

hey where'd the rest of my name go? I been dissed!

m"The Lone Drinker"m

I dunno. The Funny Moustache doesn't really suit me...

Chris, but your wife might enjoy it ;-)(IYKWIM, AITYD)

Y, IDKWYM. I thought of that - and I know she does.

Wes. Take it up with the consigliere, or you and me, are going take it to the mattresses.

Hey, Pipsqueak! Good to see you! ROFLMAO. :-D

Chris - I like the name. :)

My real name give me The Mannequin, just like Bill "my wife is a vampire" Clinton. So, check Mrs. Thunking's name. She is the Weed Whacker, odd because I do all the yard work.

If you go to that page and then click on the View menu and then "View Page Source" you can see all the nicknames that it chooses from. My favorite unmentioned one so far: "Cedar Teeth".

Oooooh, Cheryl, that sounds dirty...

*resumes cleaning his Chicago typewriter and ironing his pinstripe suit*

LMAO I love "The Self-Toucher"

I did a variant of my name and came up with "Extra Arm". Extra Aram and The Self-Toucher should go out on a date.

Are ya gonna tell me, Siouxie? Keeping in mind how sick i AM. ;)

And BTW, props and a shout out to Jazzzz for an excellent link. :)

Depending on my using my real name, versus the name I use at work, I'm either The Ugly, or The Yak.

So the question is...

Would The Ugly Yaks BAGNFARB?

No, Susan, the real question is, why don't you use your real name at work? :-)

Wandering minds... oops, wondering minds...


Just sayin'.

klezmer, because Susan is a radio star and needs a radio star name. :)


and doesn't want to be stalked by men who fall in love with her radio voice.


I got "The Bastard" for what I'm called and "Cedar Teeth" for my legal name.

Suzy--Ghandi Mangler?? I'm intrigued!

I got "Danger-Prone." Seeing as how my (Italian) family and I are constantly walking into things, and bumping our heads on things, it's a perfect fit!

Ladies better be on the look out for Matthew "Heartbreaker" Morrison. That is much better than Matt "The Waterboy" Morrison.

Richard "The Mad Russian" the Weasel-Hearted

... just doesn't flow off the tongue, somehow.

I haven't even been to Italy.

Did anyone else look at the code to see how it worked, and try to choose a name based on that?

I didn't think so. Sigh.

Hey, Elon, I'm "Danger-Prone," not "Computer Genius."

"Cedar Teeth". For a pirate, not bad!

Me, too, m.

Just my luck that the blogbar is empty and here I am, drinking alone.


Oh, and Elon? I did.

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