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February 11, 2008


(Thanks to B. Kizer)


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South Beach runaways! That's a lot of skin to expose to frostbite.

Maybe they'll catch that jellyfish.

Yep. Women are insane. Thanks Dave for the Monday Morning Reminder.

*picks Annie's eyes off the floor*

What boobs!

Well that should set off your tip-up.

Women in bikinis in the snow, sure, no problem but "Everybody say 'Otter!'" WTFBBQ?

Ladies and Gents...give it up for "The Frozen Nipples"!!!

It was a little nipply out there, Siouxie.

Women in bikinis using giant drills? That augurs well for the future of this country.

Hey, I'll bite.....

Meanie, one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish?

"are you catching anything?"

a) "frostbite, in all protuberant areas!"
b) "i'm catching on this isn't for sports illustrated."
c) "i'm catching a man, honey, what with my bodacious bod, ability to stand freezing temperatures, and possibly provide food in a national emergency, i rate about a '12' on the darwinian fitness scale for a mate! what's more,i can talked into about anything!"

Lol, bethie.

Who needs TV writers? Give me this over 24 anyday.

What are they using for bait?

Stevie, the dangly bits??


Darn, all the good jokes seem to have been taken.

Dave Barry's Blog: BECAUSE IT'S IMPORTANT, THAT'S WHY [url=http://www.chcoin.com/bbs/]http://www.chcoin.com/bbs/[/url]

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