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February 27, 2008


'Viagra turned my sight blue'

(Thanks to DavCat and Siouxie)


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It must be like being permanently inside a smurf cartoon.

Bomp ba ba bomp
Ba bomp ba bomp bomp
Ba ba bomp ba ba bomp
A dang a dang dang
A ding a dong ding...

Old blue eyes!

I'll keep arising till the cows turn blue.

If he had wanted blue eyes, he should have just had 'em tattooed.

it's doing my head in

Isn't that the hole idea?

snork @ layzee

Hmmmmm, maybe its just a part of the going blind they used to warn him about?

*snork* @ Cheryl!!

Wanna bet he waxes his palms???

I wonder when he looks at a Smurf, if the Smurf looks white?

You mean that all along, men have been referring to their blue eyeballs?

Whu gnu?

whistles innocently

Siouxie, I'm thinkin' he already did.

But then, it's not the little BLUE pill for nothin'! *sigh* At least it wasn't his b@lls that changed color.

I'm over here...no, here. NO! HERE!! Sheesh.

He should hang out with this guy.

Now I understand the aura of the 'Blue Man Group.'

Annie, I will never be able to hear them again with a straight face.

Stay away from doughnuts, too.

What, you mean you don't know why?

Doughnuts make your brown eyes blue...

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