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February 27, 2008


Here's your chance.

Key Quote That Is Not Going to Persuade Anybody in West Virginia: "We tried to word it in a way that's not offensive. I hope it's not an offensive thing. It's not meant to be a generalization about everyone in West Virginia."

(Thanks to CJrun and Danny)

Update (thanks to insomniac, who notes that "Deliverance" was set in Georgia): The revenge of West Virginia.


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why is the theme from deliverance runnin thru my haid????????

No offense taken, I'm sure. Unless they find someone to read it to them.

Why does it seem to me the only casting call the ladies on this blog are likely to be interested in is the one for Aida ??

I can see a bit of a problem here. A typical West Virginian has a mullet, several tatoos (skulls are popular), three teeth, and one eye is a little bit lower than the other one. These people won't be auditioning but they honest think they don't look unusual.

The Virginia Monologues

random - good point. If they've got more teeth than Uncle Vern, they's purty and won't show at a freak casting call.

The only time a West Virginian would take offense a fence is when they's outta firewood.

Some Mood music.

Okay, stop it with the West Virginian jokes. Just because our family trees don't branch...

True story:
Years ago a friend of ours three teenage sons applied to be extras (Union soldier prisoners) in the movie Andersonville. The only one they accepted was the one who had just recovered from a major car accident - the other two looked too healthy.

This will annoy many West Virginians. When they tell their brother/fathers, sister/mothers, and cousin/wives, it will just spread.

The announcement -- which was sent out in a news release and posted on the casting company's Web site -- asked for people with the following attributes:

"Extraordinarily tall or short.

cj.....? say it isn't so!

At least they had the sense to leave Virginia.

Better: Casting for

"The Virginia Mongoloids"

(Okay, G0d, I'm ready for that lightening bolt now")

fivver - if it's any consolation, they're casting this one in Pittsburgh.

But only because they have indoor plumbing.

CJ, I answered your question a bit late on the power outage thread - I'm flying into Tampa for a conference in St Pete Beach. Tight schedule, but cg and I were thinking we possibly might be able to get together one evening.


Damn, now another obstacle for me to overcome. Both parents were born in West Virginia.

*Covers up third blue eyeball with hair*

East Texas might also be a target rich area for candidates.

They need to locate the actors from the X Files episode "Home."

Texgal, I'm kind of the opposite. My dad was from New York, my mom from Texas but I was born in WVa. All I know for sure is WWII and coal mining had something to do with it.

I applied but I was turned down for being too weird.



i knew this would be on the blog...

and i knew what most of the comments would be...

so i'll just say this:


I didn't realize how different everything was in WV until I went to a West Virgina Walmart near the Ohio River. There's no need to put out a casting call they just need to put a few people at Walmarts and find some movie stars.

"They clearly are not trying to create the image of a quaint, homespun mountain family," said Kevin Barksdale, assistant history professor at Marshall University in Huntington, W.Va. "Clearly, what they're trying to establish is this notion of the hillbilly monster."

I would think that since it's a horror flick that would be exactly the point.

I've always wondered, if there was a call for an ugly person for a movie, how would you feel if you got the part?

And honestly, the most disturbing thing about that Deliverance clip is the creepy old guy dancing. *shudder*

Diva, speaking of creepy old men dancing, if you got $24 million to spend, have I got a property for you ...!

Wow, Steve. I got $50. Think they'll negotiate?

'Fraid he'd tell you to "Beat It!" ...

And I'm sure after the West Virginians read this thread judi will be immediately fired.

But...mama say mama sa mama moo sa!

Don't these film folks have makeup artists and CGI people to transform "ordinary looking people" (ie. "movie stars") into the kind of look they want? I mean, Boris Karloff didn't look like Frankenstein's monster until after makeup....

People in West Virginia need to send out a casting call for people who can appear as LA residents in a movie. "Must have obvious botoxed and immovable faces, skin on the face must be stretched to the point of having a plasticzed look, fake boobies a must, eyebrows must be completely gone with only two slight penciled in lines, and completely unnatural hair colored preferred."

Kathybear - that's the beauty of Hollywood. This movie is, however, located in Pittsburgh, an excellent choice for oddity casting.

mot, you'd feel like you'd signed up with the right modeling agency.

Lizzy - that could apply to Vegas showgirls, too. Just sayin'.

This is gonna get ugly.

We're gonna need a bigger bag.

Wench, a lot of Houston women would also fit the description.

(1) I saw DELIVERANCE with a friend who'd just canoed the exact stretch of river where they filmed. I think it was the Chattooga River. He was muttering under his breath the whole time.
(2) Do that casting call around Baton Rouge and you'll be done by lunch. Extra-long earlobes and necks are a dime a dozen.
(3) I saw Hillbilly Monsters opening for Goose Creek Symphony in '72. Helluva show!

Lizzy - you forgot the "lips inflated like balloons" in your L.A. list of must-have bodily appendages.

Julianne Moore reminds me of Jane Fonda.

And that's as specific as I care to get.

Jacksonville, Florida

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