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February 29, 2008


Monday night at 8 p.m. Liz Clarke, a fine sportswriter for The Washington Post, will be at Books and Books in Coral Gables to talk about her book on NASCAR, One Helluva Ride, which I just finished reading, and really enjoyed. I'll be introducing Liz, drawing on my extensive experience driving on  NASCAR tracks.


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First anyway.

So close!

Zoom zoom....purrr...
If we leave SoCal now, we may just make it there in time.
Unless he lets me drive. Then - no problem. :)


Dave, can we take our chewin' tabacci??


Guys are so Petty about their cars.

The mustard is off the hot dog.
(RIP, Chic Hearn)

Has anyone seen my turbo charged Yugo with the spoiler?

*Also looks for racing helmet and gloves*

Dibs on the pace car (dangling a carrot) and hot dog camper.

Sioux, please put just a pinch betweeb my cheek and gum. No, the UPPER cheek.

Get thee to the Autobahn, Dave. Whatever you car will do. No instructors. Blissfully silent passengers.

Meanie - g forces will do that to passengers.

betweeb = between, except when I lisp. Huge sigh (sighb).

Texgal, anyone who uses chew talks like that anyway. Especially Copenhagen.

Annie, Tex?? I'll be right there as soon as my "crew" finish warshin' ma ride.

oh yeah and..um..warning.

The Weinermobile as the pace car... now that would be fun.

Will participants be allowed to bump draft while waiting in line? How about in the parking lot after the book signing?

that is a fine ride, Siouxie. the car is not too bad either.

There was a car in that picture? Dang, Sioux!

*Note to self: post warnings before placing link*

Crack team ya got there, Sioux.

NMUA - if you knew anything about NASCAR, bump drafting a Weinermobile is considered bad form.

Actual footage of Dave hugging the wall!

I am now out of eye bleach.

You're welcome, ladies.

Meanie, I warned...post-rear-iously..but I warned ;-)

Meanie - I remember that race - The Huggies 500. Around lap 425, Dave lost his pacifier....

VERY funny video, Meanie!


I did this last year for my 50th birthday, except I was in Daytona.

And, as luck would have it, along about lap 6 it started raining so I get to go back and do it again.

Frickin' phenomenal!

Oh wow, Sioux, I feel the need for multiple pitstops. After, a well maintained vehicle is a very good thing!!!

Texgal - your car is nearly as dirty as your mind.


Nah, Annie. If I drove my Honda a thousand times through the world's biggest mudhole, it would still be pristine compared to my sweet little dirty mind.

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