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February 10, 2008


We're guessing that this guy is single.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Thongs for posting that, Dave. He looks like a real fungi.

That is just wrong in so many ways.

Yes, butt can he peal a banana with his buttucks?

(I'm guessing those are "special" mushrooms)

Haven't had coffee --- spelling corrections to "peal" and "Buttucks" needed ^ up there.

wait till you see that guy sing a YMCA on karaoke night...

judi, you can have this one.

When Benehana's Goes Bad.

First bananas, now this? What are they smoking over there in Japan? Needs brain bleach NOW.

Dave, can I please have your mailing address. I need to know where to send my therapist's bills. I mean, just when you think it can't get any weirder, it DOES. And the gas mask cum banana hammock? And... I honestly don't know where to begin with this. Or my poor, poor shattered psyche.

And when did exhibitionism become performance art? He clearly likes to get naked. Though I suspect that whatever money he saves by not buying clothes is spent on animal and gas masks.

I need to stop dwelling. If you'll excuse me I'm goin to slam my hand in the car door.

A horse-headed Japanese man
Frying magic mushrooms in a pan
Dancing in a Borat thong
To cover his wee little shlong
Related to banana-butt man of Japan?

Enoki is enoki!!!

I did NOT need to see that first thing in the morning. Thank you SO very much, Dave.

*curls up in a corner shuddering*


I hovered and didn't click, and now that I've read all the comments, I'm glad I didn't click.

That looks like mental illness in video form.

a horse is a horse
but this appetizer course
is grounds for divorce

Ack! Make it go away!

KOW, exhibitionism has always been performance art... or maybe non-performance art!

I think I'd rather starve.

Needs more badger.

*would LOVE to know what Russell was looking for when he found this gem of a video*

needs to be sent back to the Not-So-Okay Corral

No comments about the music which would make a perfect soundtrack for a film about insane asylums? ALL the music was awful - well, except for that little clip of "Thriller." I was thoroughly perved out by the little-girl sound of the pop music that followed.

Would you like horseflies with that?

This is what I get for stalling on my homework... I couldn't get past the first two minutes. OK, back to work... ergh

A whacky Japanese chef in a Borat thong and a horse mask walks into a bar.

"Where's Annie?" asks the bartender.

*snork* @ SW!

Hi, Mike! LTNS 'round these parts.

Stevie...be afraid...be VERY afraid.

She'll never see it.

See? I told you so.

ALL the music was awful

ALL the music was awful

not awful perfect

benim için oldukça popüler ve iyi bir durum

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