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February 22, 2008


Be on the lookunder lookout.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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A kilt without a hem. Yawn. Especially since he's British. Don't think the wind is whistling Dixie, IYKWIM.

Well at least he had the loincloth. It could have been even worse.

A man can't have his loin cloth blow in the wind, but a woman can wear a Butt Out skirt? This just doesn't sound right.

DPC - wax and we'll talk.

The pantsless my friend
Are blowing in the wind
The pantsless are blowing in the wind

Poor man's anemometer.

Oh, TARTAN. I thought you said TARZAN.

I'm naked under my wonder woman costume. Didn't realize that was a crime.

At least he attracted women cops (bobettes?)

Crime, med? To me it's a fantasy.

'nother nad nabbing notice.

He should tie it in a nottingham.

Nodding ham?
Yes, it was.

Kind of like a divining rod, huh aw?

Take me to your snitch?

Vowel snitching Snork @ SW. First time I've heard it called a snitch.

Is THAT what Harry's looking for when he plays Quidditch?

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