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February 27, 2008


Now they're trying to keep Dustin the turkey out of the Eurovision song competition.

Some of you may recall that Ridley and I have performed with Dustin the turkey.

(Thanks to Cheryl Howard)

Update: Here's Dustin's performance.

(Thanks to BoredCrow)


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Well that video was insane.

Give us another chance,
We're sorry for Riverdance....

Sure beats the patootie outta "It's a Small World."

Am I the only one who inadvertently, yet Freudianly, inserted the word "down" into this phrase: "televoting has brought it [down] to a different level"?

European Idol has better dancers.

Well, I really cannot expand on Alfred's first comment. That about sums it up.

I am impressed!! How in the dickens did Siouxie, A W-b-h, the Wench and Eleanor get the gig with Dustin? Did Dave or judi put in the good word? I'm guessing Siouxie is the one in the gold gown.

ig! Siouxie has an incredible voice, doesn't she? And lovely drumsticks.

Yes, Siouxie has beeutifull drumsticks. I thought you looked delicious in your outfit. Although I think the headgear was a little over the top, but that's just my natural conservative nature.

Thanks, iggy. That was before the gastric bypass and the cankle-ectomy. My voice, however, has stayed the same.

Oh yeah..the chestage is pretty much gone too.

Cankle-ectomies are THE thing to get this year, you know.

Dang, I am so last year. I just had a cankle implant! *makes appointment with surgeon*

igloo, I slept my way with the top.

The Hormoanal Bloggettes are gonna ROCK this WORLD !!!
As Igloo said -look at the talent we got going on !
Forget Dustin, we don't need no stinkin' Dustin ...

*is thankful iggy didn't recognize me under the turkey head*

Hey, Lizzy - was it one of these tops?

I am contractually obligated not to tell Diva, but yeah.

Um, that should have been a link to this.

Just got back. I had this sudden craving for Turkey Breast, so I motored on down to the local PIG to pick up a pair.
This is for the bloglettes.

...as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could sing!

Diva, who leaked those pictures??!! I'm outraged!

Iggy, ya go!

igloo - that does nothing for me. TOO MANY STEROIDS! I like natural guys. ;-)

Lizzy...I cannot reveal my sources. It was crossgirl.

*adds a 'here' up there^*

I appears as if your turkey lived too close to Turkey Point.

Eeeewwww, Igloo !
Um, is he overcompensating, or does *it* just look really small in comparison ?

insom, I have just two things to say about turkeys.

Iggy, my turkey had NOTHING to do with the power outtage yesterday. This is exactly how rumors get started.


OMG!! It's gonna be FREEEEEEEEEZING tonight!!! We're having a huge drop in temps. Down to the 40's!



*gobble gobble*

I think he's been exercising the wrong muscle group.

*snork* @ Igloo !!

siouxie, you gots room at the inn? it'll be colder here in the up north. i had to bring in the orchids, put on some socks and start a fire. fweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing.

"The problem is they love puppets in Europe. If, God forbid he wins, we'll probably have more puppets than people in next year's Eurovision," she said.
And just what would be wrong with that? You ask moi, Europa needs more puppets...

Looks like Iggy's done now.

See, this is normally where I'd make a comment that gets me a machete upside the head. Not this time. Oh, and the turkey's manager and I are going to have a LONG discussion with my lawyers about stealing the blogettes from me. Trust me, there will be blood. *does dramatic hedgehog stare at the camera*

OMG! I had no idea my bikini lines would show.

I'm afraid to ask some of you where you're getting these poultry pictures...

I'm afraid to ask where Siouxie gets any of her pictures Wench.

Having watched the turkey's performance, I can honestly say he's a better musical talent than Manilow and Clay Aiken and slightly more manly than Josh Groban.

Dustin will kick France's pate de fois gras.

Did someone already do the "As God is my witness" bit? Just checking.

Did someone already do the "As God is my witness" bit? Just checking.

Insom got it back at 5:47 Elon, but good try none the less.

As God is my witness, I thought Elon could read.

*zips in*™

I know you meant what you said as a compliment, igloo, so thank you. And why don't you keep that guy. He looks more like your type than mine. ;)

You found the picture!

He's a youngun Annie. You know how they are with their ADD and whatnot. BTW, what were we talking about?

I was trying to google a picture of "Turkey Breast" and that was one of the returns. Unfortunatley, I don't possess the Voodoo powers of A W-b-h and Siouxie. They are able to conjour up photos of almost anything. Sometimes I think they just cast a spell and "poof" and unwillling victim appears and then the sorcceri pose their prey for the appropriate photo.
Only explanation!

iggy - if we're good, we can also make unwilling victims DISappear.

Rick, excellent point.

Snork @ the youngin' Doc Rick.

That's what worries me, Annie. One day I'll by typing comments to the blog and

*really thankful for machetes and hot wax right now* Nice knowing ya Iggy.

is it Iggy's turn tonight?

sorry, guys. It was his time.

that sounds like you are rehearsing for a funeral Annie

How long have you been here now, jug? Why would we end his time here forever when we can just keep torturing him?


good point Eleanor. I guess that's why guys don't have the machete

...or the punctuation.

Well, there is that too.
(to make up for my earlier omissions)

Thank you. You now qualify to be a girl. ;)

Um, no. And don't come near me with that machete.

So you want the wax BEFORE the machete? Interesting choice.

*this is so much more fun to watch* Thanks jugheaded. Good luck.

Wow!! Haven't had a trip like that since 1968. Eleanor, Elvis said to say hello.
Now if I can figure out where all of these dam* feathers came from and why I have a sudden dread of Thanksgiving.

Life is full of interesting choices Annie.
You sure Doc wouldn't be a better choice?

His ex took care of him way before I got here.
Gotta run. I actually have a deadline to make for once.

Well, I guess the earlier ladies had things WELL in hand tonight! jug - you still hairy got your hair (and skin)?

Jug, I've had my share of abuse as Annie so eloquently stated above. In other words, your on your own.

Annie made it sound more like a night at Loreena's House of Fun and Knife Sharpening.
And yes DD I still have all my follicles and epidermis.

jug, that's pretty close! She didn't mention the spearthrowing contest, though, did she?

Well, I dunno, I think Dana has a point. You let Dustin into the Eurovision Contest, and you make a mockery out of it. Just like American Idol.

No, but I suspect it is not an Olympic event.

It is kinda like a race, and there can be only one survivor winner.

*slinks in*

Hi, blogits! That turkey performance was, um, odd.

Well, I am a bona fide celebrity here in my house tonight. The Wienermobile arrived, complete with a card from Judi!!! :-D

My husband decided we should sell it on e-Bay. Over my dead blogger body. Then he went into the basement and surfaced less than 30 seconds later with a remote-controlled 1970's- era Wienermobile, in mint condition, box never opened. (I was unaware we had this in the crawl space. I am afraid to ask what else is in there.) Add this to the full-size riding Wienermobile he bought for the girls when they were toddlers (which is still in the bowels of the garage), and you will begin to understand my heightened standing in the family as one of the "cool kids" now.

And Dave, if you are reading this (hahaha), my kids remember seeing you at the Naperville Anderson's signing of Shadow Thieves in '06, and loved your books, but you did not become truly "cool" to them until the Wienermobile arrived today.

Just sayin'.

Cat, I am outraged! Your husband decided to sell YOUR toy priceless Dave Collectible?! Did he at least offer to cut you in on the deal? ;)

Seriously - we need pictures of the wienermobile. Way cool.

Ok, I'll try to take some pics, and then figure out how to post them somewhere.

Actually, here's a couple of links that look just like the real thing here at the Cathouse:

Contest prize from judi and Dave

remote controlled Wienermobile

riding Wienermobile pedal car (those are not my kids, nor my legs)

Oh yeah! And somewhere in the toy box in the basement is the whistle too.

I found these pics pretty easily with a basic Google search. I think there is a Wienermobile subculture out there that we have only begun to understand...

Um, Cat? I think you're part of that subculture. Just sayin'. ;-)

The Wienermoblile sorta looks like a sub. As for culture, well, this blog has never been accused of having culture.

You said a mouthful, Doc.

if i had known there was a weinermobile for a prize, i would have tried harder in the competition!

judi went back to the top of the thread and announced the prizes part way through. :)

Well, more my husband than me, but yes, I think I've been drawn to the dark side. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. He's a fan of all things collectible. Don't get me started.

Heh. I collect flamingos (well, I used to - it's tapered off now), nativities and crosses. Oh, and books. *sigh* LOVE my books.

I guess the only thing I collect is my Waterford crystal suite of wine glasses, water goblets, rock glasses, decanters, etc. "Mooncoin" -- so pretty, and discontinued. I started that when I visited Ireland back in '84. And pretty much stopped when I got married - LOL.

And books? I have my mother's original Nancy Drews from the 1930's. Rounded out in the 1970's by me, and now added to yet again by my daughter, who reads even more than I did at her age, which was a lot. That's probably the coolest thing I've collected. I'm so glad she caught the Nancy Drew fever too. We have about 150+ original volumes over the different decades.

But Mr. R.? He's another story! He has a few insanely huge collections, and when I get too eye-roll-y for him, he reminds me that "I don't drink, don't smoke, and don't fool around. So if I have a little Coke™ habit, just deal with it!"

Flamingos -- awesome! Odd bird, the flamingo. Very apropos for a blogit, don'tcha think? ;-)

Well, my bed beckons. Good night, Diva! Good night, blogits!

*slinks out*

Well, seeing as most of you are in bed and Mot's just getting going I fried a few pounds of bacon up along with some scrambled eggs and muffins. The liquor keys, as always, are underneath Siouxie's how-to manual "Better Relationships Thorough Gardening Implements" for those of you in places where it is 5'O Clock somewhere. See ya in a few.

thanks, doc! i'm to crawl over my BF's massive lego collection and get started on the grub.

I see I missed the torture party. Good to know that Annie had things um...under control.

To recap:

cg, there is ALWAYS room at the inn for you, girl! I've got the heater on to warm up the place a bit. It's a frosty 50 this am. BRRRRRRR!

Iggyy, (and Rick) no voodoo involved. Just good research skills. I've got a stash of funky photos ready to go at any time and I'm always finding new ones to store.

Cat, cool deal on th weinermobile. Seems like your whole family is nuts interesting ;-P The only thing that I collect is shot glasses from different places...etc. I do have some fridge magnets from the last two vaycays. I have some book collections from when my girls were smaller as well. I'm not a major collector. My ex has a comic book collection. That's about it.

*serves self a hearty breakfast with plenty of bacon* (Gracias, Rick!)

Good mornin!!

*snags the remaining bacon, huddles back under covers*

*zips in*™

It's freezing here this morning too, Siouxie, about 50F. I've just decided to turn on the heat instead of just pretending i'm warm.

I'll take your 50º and raise you a 30º with biting wind. Normally I love this weather, but not when I don't feel great.

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