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February 27, 2008


Take them off NOW.

(Thanks to sjhaller and, of course, Siouxie)


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Dave, will you be testing this like you tested the rollerblade Barbie?

I've gotten pretty heated up in cords before....but it usually involved dancing and alcohol....

I hope they're gonna drug test him.

BTW, I see the blog was exhibiting a clear leaning to the right today. Soon it'll be endorsing McCain.

I wouldn't believe thing that guys says! His pants are on fire!

They should put his underwear in a museum or something!

[*snork*@ Andrew!]

"Witnesses said he was like a flaming human torch cycling along the road."

'Flaming Human Torch" WBAGNFARB.

Whew! Good thing I'm not wearing any!

Reminds me of this real cool movie I saw the other day...

*adds "Schwin" to the list of things that cause Dangerously Hot Crotches.

Good movie too, Steve.

*wonders if I can get a pair of those for the ex*

sorry i'm late, boss, but as i was cycling down the road, my pants caught fire and...

Sioxie, he only burned his legs, back and stomach. Apparently the danglies were spared.

Just one more reason exercise is bad for you.

ooooooooh well, Layzee. Back to the old drawing board.

TexGal, I think Flaming Human Torch is already a comic book character, ™ and all that by Marvel Comics....

*goes online to order a Utilikilt, now*

*watches funny ads on Utilikilt site*

*snork* @ Scott and his Utilikilt! I want pictures!

Love the ad.

Serves him right for dressing in those dorky lycra cycling pants.

Scott has pictures of himself in a kilt?! *fans self* I need to see!!

Also, hearty *snork* @ Andrew. Now THAT'S a quick wit, Bro!

A few months ago I was walking and felt burning on my leg. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a quarter and a 9-volt battery that were both very hot. It turns out the the battery terminals rested on top of the quarter, which created an electrical connection and created heat and electricity. If I hadn't pulled them out, my trousers may have gone up in flames, too!

Braniff - face it. You're just SSSSSMOKIN' hot! ;-)

I had one of those rollerblade Barbie dolls. The skates never caught anything on fire, much to my brother's disappointment

Must be related to Lindsay "firecrotch" Lohan

Sounds like a faulty French cigarette lighter is/was the culprit?

Believe it or not, My Dad carried one French lighter that burnt a hole in his pocket.. It was a Zippo type, but designed with a preloaded igniter Just a touch,and the spring loaded striker fires. I've read that designer now works for Citroen (FR: LEMON)

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