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February 29, 2008


Today I am attempting to get back across the country by air. So, be advised.


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good luck, god speed.

probably be back sometime the middle of next week. hope you packed a bunch of Cheez-its and clean shorts.

Risky Business!

So we will see you sometime next week?

We'll be waiting, Dave. No matter how long it ta.....oh! Coffee!

If man was meant to fly, he'd have wings.

Without Red Bull, I mean.

Good Luck with that, Dave.

Um, and don't be nervous, Dave, but didn't Einstein say something about travel being impossible on a leap day or something??? I'm sure the air traffic controllers computers are set up for____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________*EMERGENCY ALERT*__________________________________________________________________________________________________

and we're expecting snow here in NOVA.

Safe travels, Dave.

Now I'll attempt to travel across Miami by car. So, be advised.

but Siouxie, you can have the machete right beside you in traffic instead of in a clear, zip-lock bag.

Maybe you can turn your passenger seat into a tiny condo. You'll probably be in it long enough to claim legal residency.

Are you sure about this, Dave?

Hmm... cg, considering the state of our transportation infrastructure, shouldn't you say God luck and good speed?

Be careful not to look too pretty!

wicked..shhhhhhhhhhhh...it's in the glove compartment.

When was the last time you saw gloves in a glove compartment?

Why's The Dave travelling on a Prime Number Friday? Isn't that what Friday the 13th is all about?

Not only is it a Prime Number Friday, this one only comes around once every +20 years?

.... can't be good ...

*goes to figure out when this happens again*

When is the last time you met a guy named Jack to change your tire? Everytime I get a flat I'm asked. I've met a Bob, Richard and Jake--but nope--never a Jack.

Hair Flip.

In 2036 we'll see the next Friday, Feb 29.

... boy, can't wait ...

Have Cheetos handy lest you might die of starvation sitting on a tarmac somewhere due to repairs. Have a safe trip also!

Leap year is every 4 years... there are seven days a week... therefore, leap years fall out on the same day of the week every 28 years (except when the 400 year rule intervenes.)

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