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February 12, 2008


"24 works best 24 hours in a row. I don't think we'll see it until 2009."

(Thanks to funniegrrl)


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Jack Bauer shoula lined up all the striking writers and shot 'em in the thigh ...

OK, we'll wait.

January 2009????


Does everyone realize it's only February 2008?

*sobs some more*

Where's The Amazing Steve when we need him?

Not fair!! Awwwwwdrey's starting in her own show soon and we get no Jack???!!

We are watching ALL of the previous episodes in order until new shows are available. We are up to Season 2, hour 7. Suck it up people! If they won't give you your Jack, set up a perimeter and GO GET your Jack!

Since when do the 24 producers worry about what works best?

Dwangela! i love it.

Can't the just rerun an older season then? We need something to make fun of here! How much fun could we have with season 2 here? I mean really. There was a mountian lion!

They probably are going to wait until Chloe has her baby. Hard to explain her belly getting bigger hour by hour.............

More confirmation

Ironically, the upcoming seventh season of "24," slated to debut in January 2009...


we have started a petition, so for those that don't want to wait till 2009, please sign:)


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