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January 29, 2008


Cheeseburger in a Can

(Via Gizmodo)


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Only if it's deep-fried in bacon fat. Otherwise, I'll only give you 1.74 Euro for it.

The only way this could be more disgusting is if it were a drink.

The Fruhstuck looks good, too. More expensive, though.

can i get fries with that?

What?? no bacon??? sheesh!

Lolcats sai 'nuther reesn to com when kanopnr is heared.


The "suppen" looks like pink vomit.

*Retching über alles*

Can has cheeseburger?

Can has Taco?

*waves @ Leetie*

I said hold the pickle.

thanks Baron, i was just thinking of lolcats when i saw the headline.

*waves at Meanie*

*due to technical difficulties (one guess), hold the Tacos*

That's almost as wrong as Twinkie-flavored lip balm...

Did somebody ask for a drink?

Leetie - I'm holding you responsible for the upholstery cleaning of the couch I just retched on.

Um .... drummer?


Fine cuisine like that needs the proper beverage to accompany it: http://www.trekking-mahlzeiten.de/trekking-mahlzeiten-online-shop/produkte/Getraenkepulver_547.html

Better than Cheeseburger with Parasites....

credit to Bob Rivers @ http://www.bobrivers.com/audiovault/tunes/tunes.asp?Var=C

This geezer still on bus when it comes to linkeys.

Sorry that my link is incomplete. I can't seem to insert a hyperlink with this browser. The link was to a pouch of wine that was on the same website.

In a can? Wouldn't it get soogy and stuff?

*SNORK!@ "Swiney goodness"*

(See Leetie's link)

Woo hoo I think it worked
link Text

I dunno - looking at the nutrition information, (and relying only on my high school German translation) I believe it will hydrate one's colon approximately 21.8%.

Duh.....remedial geezerness..

Cheeseburger with Parasites

Meanie - you can quit holding your pickle now.


The things people are prepared to put inside their bodies never ceases to amaze me.

Just following Cheryl's request, Annie, but thanks - I was starting to turn blue.

Holy sweet gherkin!

More like cheeseburger ON your can.

Meanie, she said hold it not choke it. Just sayin'

You always hurt the one you love, Sioux.

Clarification for Meanie: I meant hold the pickling.

He's a dilly, isn't he?

Sending this site through Google's translator service, one comes up with the word "Big" in the nutrition information. Right under Protein. I do not want to know what "Big" means.

And there ain't no way that burger is going to look like what's in the picture after being in a can.

No problem, Cheryl. It needed the attention. was time well spent.

Aw, darn.

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This "research team" never ceases to amaze me. We went from witty political banter with our candidate to horrible ideas in food consumption techniques. Of course I blame the French for it sense the Germans are apparently to lazy to invade this week thus the aforementioned scary food.

*"because" instead of "sense". apparently my inner-redneck has kicked in for the afternoon.*

Served in fine hospitals across Europe!

or not...

Um... I don't think the bun, cheese and veggies come in the can with the patty...

...which is good, because you can vary the veggies and condiments going into the blender based upon your own individual tastes.

So that's where all those lolcats on icanhascheezburger.com got that photo. I thought it was just a clever photoshop.

Auf Cheese en dee burgenzee hurf dee schmurgenzee... Borf, borf, borf borf !!!

(I miss Jim Henson)

As I posted on another incredulous site (Al Dente by Amazon):

Why weren't these in C-rations? Oh, maybe because the nukaler radiation of food wasn't available. But the least believable part is it looking like a classic cheeseburger with fresh buns. I suspect it will look more like a biscuit. With wilted lettuce.

I ate a cheeseburger in the can once. Then I did my business and left.

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