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January 27, 2008


How about an exhaust burger?

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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To much time on their hands at exhaust burger.

Wow--it even manages to char grill marks across the top of the burger!

How many miles per burger?

I'm willing to bet, seeing as how it's not completely air tight in it's design, you might just be getting a burger that tastes like car ass.

I'm just sorry I didn't think of that...

"A group of Iranian inventors looked at how we cook and how we drive and how we dump so much heat out the back of our cars. Putting them all together, they came up with the Exhaust Burger concept."

Back to work you slackers. Nuclear reactors don't design themselves you know!!!

How great would it be to have one of these cooking when you went for an emissions inspection?

I can do this while I'm driving to get a bun!

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