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January 10, 2008


"Okay, Osama, I'll meet you at 2:00 at the corner of M......"{static}

(Thanks to klezemerphan)


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"Can you wiretap me now? Good!"

"can you hear them now?"
"no?, well pay up, deadbeats!"

Can't they just reverse the charges?

For real?! And I thought the tanking dollar was the only American tragedy.

Can you pay me now?

It's good to know how on the ball the FBI is(n't)!

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times.
"Illegally wiretap American citizens, and you're going to step on a few toes."
Apparently, the FBI is getting it's just desserts.
I kind of like the American Civil Liberties Union's stand on this.
Paraphrasing: "There are no good guys, both parties (the government and the phone companies) are complete and total scumbags."
Big prother is listening to you....

Why won't they do the smart thing and spring for the Unlimited AnyTap™ Minutes plan? It has only two years-to-life commitment, and comes with free ankle transmitters.

Ya just gotta luv the American Bureaucracy! Just wait until they get to handle the Health Care for all of us.
So FBI Special Agent A W-b-h shows up at the local telecom to submit a wiretap request, will she need to show a credit card?
One can only imagine the following...
*FBI Wiretap 1/10/2008*
Aboo Abad "Have you the new address of our Supreme Leader?."
Booha NotSoBad "Yep, just came over the secure network."
Aboo Abad, "Ok what is the new address?"
Booha NotSoBad, "It's 12115 South Ma"bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Operator, "I'm sorry, this line has been temporarily disconnected."
*End FBI wiretap*

Couldn't they just sell off J. Edgar Hoover's old lady's underwear collection (couldn't spell lengeree ) to pay the bill?
Jus' wondrin' and feelin' mighty sexy.

I should have read the story lead.
Sorry judi for the placerispageris infringement.

If I were the language police, I'd be much more concerned with Boy George.

However, I will have to slap you with a fine for static infringement.
Give me 500$ now, please.

500$ not too hard to raise. Now $500. will be more difficult.

Hahahahaha! I'm watching Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak just made a "more cowbell" joke!

As I said, I'm not the language police.
Now fork it over.

By the way, does anyone think this is terribly funny other than me?
Big Brother can't pay his bills?
You gotta laugh at the irony here.
This is 1984 all over again.

Hide me! It's the phone cops!

LOL Johnny!

66K for a phone bill?
Verizon offers a plan where you can make all the local and long distance calls you want for about 50 bucks a month,
obviously the FBI hasn't heard of that plan....

How could I have forgot Dr. Fever and the phone police. One of the truly great episodes (two part) of that great WKRP SItcom set in Cincinnati.
*Igloo hits remote for tvland chanel to check for reruns.*

No kidding, iggy. I LOVED that show from Herb Tarlek's white patent leather loafers all the way up. Too funny. I haven't seen a show that funny in a long, long time.

"As God is my witness, I thought that the bills were paid."

I've posted this before, but I can't help myself. When I think of the FBI, I automatically think of this.

Hi, Ducky!! :-)

As soon as I heard the first voice, I KNEW it was the Clapper Caper. LOL!

*flaps hello @ Diva*

I cannot cop to cozening the copper clappers from the closet and Clara Cooper couldn't claim to catch me!

Clara's club foot kept her from collaring you, Claude.

Crap! I couldn't conceive that copper could comprehend that I cleaned them out of clappers. Cornered!

Claude, ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee.

And you know when they caught me? Christmas, of course!


Within 45 minutes two Geezer classics. This is a great blog.
Full of Geezers; but a great blog nonetheless.

Geezers got game, iggy.

We don't remember to change our names, but we got game.

John Donne's contemporary (or close to it)?

Keith Olbermann was just talking about this. About how the phone companies stepped all over the Constitution to give the government the info they wanted, but when the bills weren't paid, that was it.

He said, "Saved by capitalism and free enterprise".

I think it was funnier when he said it.

LOL Meanie!

Eleanor, how funny. But, apparently, free enterprise isn't exactly...free, IYCMD. ;-)

Ahh..it's the old.."reach out and tap someone and not have enough money to pay for it" plan.

and YAY! there's a new Grey's Anatomy on TV!

Tapping? I had nothing to do with any tapping!

Senator, maybe you should try a wider stance area network.

Maybe we should hold a fundraiser to help the FBI pay their bills.

Ooh, Annie, you could bake some of those wonderful super-sized M&M cookies! That should raise enough to pay off the national debt.

A bake sale benefitting the FBI? Sounds intriguing. Hmmm...

Sorry, can't go to the bake sale, as I'll be callin' BINGO for the CIA.

I don't know, Ducky - sounds like a half-b....OK. I just can't bring myself to say it. ;-)

Wyooooooooo -
c0wpie b1ng0?

I had to write it that way - apparently properly spelled, it was sp@m. Which may explain the taste of sp@m.

Thank you for that, Diva.


There was a cowboy had a game, and Bingo was its name, oh...


And Bingo was his game, oh.

There was a blogger had a song and Ducky was her name-o.
and parody was her game-o!

and here's the prize we're playin' for.

*raises eyebrow*

it's ok, diva, Christians have s3x too.

*flaps back in for just a moment*

Wyo, you take your bingo seriously! At least, I think that's what you're referring to with "the prize," right?

Bedtime for me! Y'all have sweet dreams!

Sheesh - the way SOME guys are, you'd think they're ALL made of candy.

sp@mmity sp@m, wonderful sp@m! *rolls eyes*

Sheesh - the way SOME guys are, you'd think they're ALL made of candy.

Posted by: Annie Where-but-here | 12:38 AM on January 11, 2008

I'll take a couple of Good and Plenty™s and a Mr. Goodbar™, por favor.

Good mornin'!!

Mornin', Sioux and fellow blogsters.

Sorry, Sioux, all that's available right now is this.

Whew! Ducky posted the Clapper Caper and I spent the rest of the evening stuck on YouTube. Man, I love the Smothers Brothers.

LOL Meanie! I used to LOVE those! The one with almonds.

Please, please, please put this in the "Year in Review" next December.

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