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January 29, 2008


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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What's an F cup?

As a woman of amplitude, I say, "About d*mn time."

Not that I buy clothes at Wal-Mart, but I appreciate the gesture.

Sorry, A-cups. I assume your prices are going up, not that everybody else's are going down.

**Books flight**
**Packs feverishly**
**Hopes they have bra strap tape**
Would like to say thanks to the Blog for keeping us abreast of changes in the fight for equality !
Big Breasted Women Unite !!!

By the time you need one, it's not so much an F cup but an F troop.

Well, Amen to THAT, Ma'am!

And BTW - it's still cheaper (and more fun) to just get dwarves of equal height to walk in front of you while balancing "the girls" on their heads.

I hear.

After reading funniegrrl's post, am relunctantly unpacking, as WalMart is definitely on my list of do-not-shop-places. Must have missed that fine point in my excitement to buy bras that are not $50.00 a piece.

Or F droop Punkin.

CONFIDENTIAL TO MATT FILAR: First you sent in the butt glue story, now the bra story. How do you happen to run across these stories anyhow? *smirks*

Um...is it common in Britain for food stores to sell bras?

I will never get used to this diversification thing. I'm still getting used to the idea of combining a camer, a phone, and a music player into one unit.

Yay for equality!

Something tells me Walmart knows nothing about women bearing only one fully inflated bazoom. And having thatsemi matching flat tire to deal with. But then I would expect any such suitable brazierre concoctuns be thrown in with Walmart's Clearance items such as poor selling car sun shades, one only glasses and bowls, bitten into candles, Elvis inspirational garden tools and butt glue.

Their bra fashion line is called "George"?!? Sounds glamorous.

... um ... would that be "Boy George" ... ?

Being a woman with no breastage amplitude, I say..


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