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January 30, 2008


Man sets station on fire over playlist

(Thanks, yet again, to Siouxie)

(Also Glenn in Mendo)


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Station Manager: "It was the best of playlists; it was the worst of playlists."

As a former radio station volunteer who had his playlist changed a half dozen times...

Dude, I don't think burning down the station will increase your airtime.

Not to be the one to start rumors, but isn't Doc Rick from Texas? Didn't he just leave a media job?
What does he know about Judge Crater?

He had a dream of a career in radio and was very disappointed about where it had led him,"
cant understand why this plan didnt work.
disappointed=arson? hmm.

You're welcome, yet again, Dave.

The judge looked at the playlist, which included Achy Breaky Heart, McArthur Park, and Sometimes When We Touch, and declared the defendant not guilty. In an unusual move, he came down from the bench and shook the defendant's hand.

I've got XM radio now and I get to listen to all these OLD songs I had forgotten about. I have YET to hear Copacabana. I may just run the car off the road, or onto an incoming plane.

Feinstein, who had volunteered at the station for about a year, quit a week before the fire, saying he was going to do other things, Dickens said.

Yea, like keeping the local fire station busy ...

Nice try, ig, but Doc's job was in TV.

Completely understandable.

Either way, the fire was inevitable. Since the guy played smooth jazz during his show, the listeners probably wanted to torch the station.

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