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January 21, 2008


Squirrel Appreciation Day

More here.

The celebrations might be a bit subdued in some areas.

(Thanks to Lori)


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I don't think I'd vote for a big sandy Mayor.

Unless we were lost in the Sahara.

But why would we need a Mayor???

Wouldn't we need water more? Does the Mayor have water? Then why is he sandy?

Oh! Something shiny!!!

Brought to you by the Squirrel Marketing Council.

I appreciate squirrels in a nice stew.

Where's the shotgun?

Exactly, CJ. As Granny Clampett would say, that's good eatin'.

*makes note - Annie's birthday = Squirrel Appreciation Day*


I saw you message about Xanadu. Maybe next time. I'm already going to see Young Frankenstein and In the Heights. I'm there Fri - Sun (coming back Mon).

I can appreciate squirrels. Some of them are quite talented.

Wonders where Annie finds her links. Seriously. I really wonder this.

My daughter thinks that Dave posted that link. Why? "Because Dave doesn't like squirrels and its winter time." From the mouth of babes ladies and gentlemen, including those wearing sparkly jackets and skirts from Sweden.

Cheryl, he'll have ALL year to remember squirrels. ;-)

Bwa ha ha ha

According to Lileks, today is also National Hugging Day (you'll notice that the latter post comes from the same website as the squirrel holiday). I wonder if anyone ever tries to combine the two holidays and hug a squirrel. That would just be...nuts.

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