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January 01, 2008


...but there is bad trouble in Tennessee.

(Thanks to funniegrrl)


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*zips in*™

Happy New Year, Dave. I read last night that most of Colorado was snowed in. How is it in Aspen?

Don't take any centerpieces! ;)

FIRST to be first in 2008!!!!

Am I the only one without a hangover?

I've seen those Centerpiece Brawls at many a Jewish wedding, Dave.

Can we infer that alcohol was involved?

Yeah, that's sum perty large trubble ...

The so-called "reporter" can't even spell ... OH, it's Tennessee ... home of Algore and such ... nevermind ...

Nothing like two elder ladies getting in a mud wrestling match to raise the level of a festive Christmas dinner. Peace on earth and all that.

O the U ... what, pray tell, is misspelled?

Last 'graph ...

Stafford, who is also a former Lebanon City Council member, turned herself in on the assault charge Dec. 21 and was released about 15 minutes later on her on recognizance.

" ... on her on ... " ???

(Begs forgiveness of blogits. I useta be an editor. I will NOT critique the spelling/usage of blogits havin' fun ... HOWever, I WILL take umbrage @ so-called "professionals" who fail to do things properly ...)

Yeah, O the U, location is totally to blame for the reporter choosing the wrong word.

Sorry about the cheap shot, TNjen ... actually, it's prolly the copy editor that missed the typo who is to blame ... and I think all copy editors originally came from some other country ... (merely shiftin' the blame here ... tryin' to get outta the hole dug by sassy mouth ...)


"potential comment spam", my fanny!

So, I'm wondering if she would have been charged if it had been a non-decorative centerpiece, or perhaps an ugly centerpiece?

When decorative centerpieces are criminalized, only criminals will have decorative centerpieces.

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