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January 11, 2008


...when this thing reproduces.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Holy crap, that's wierd.

Postapalooza this morning!

Somehow, this is not what I was picturing when the elves told me I was going to a loving owner.

Dave, your Presidential run is doomed! Dooomed I tell you! You can't beat these guys:

I especially like their slogan:"Knuckle Deep in the White House"

1. Why would they give a present and then try to take it away. That's not nice.

2. Did they give the octopus the rest of the parts so that he can change Mr. Potato Head's look?


4. Who thought of this in the first place???

They need to throw a decoy head in the water, and then grab the real one while the octopus isn't looking. Don't these aquarium people know anything?

First cow-poo methane and now octo-potato. We did it on this side of the pond first.

They do look cute together. I just wonder why they didn't give Louis a Mrs Potato Head??

Octopus has a right to be mad, its HIS precious....

Beware the creatures of the deep: Forewarned is eight-armed.

Meanie - Fourwarned TWICE is eight-armed.

I just noticed - Siouxie got posted. FINALLY! Congrats! ;)

How much -warned and -armed is that in metric?

How much -warned and -armed is that in metric?

"Octopuses are very intelligent and they like to be stimulated"

here, here

... and the Bot Campaign of Terror rages on....

Aww chucks...thanks, Annie. ;-P

I'd be angry, too, if someone promised me a little Mr. Potato head and then changed their mind.

*SMACK & SNORK @ Hammie!!!*


I noticed first, Siouxie. I just know when to keep my mouth shut.

Gently waves at Siouxie in a way that does not annoy the bot.

*smacks Elon & Hammie*
this is getting to be an R-rated Stooge schtick. NTTAWWT.

Excuse me, but is he holding Mr. Potato Head in his mouth/beak? If he's anything like my doggies he just wants somebody to chase him for it.

Jealous much???

*SMACKS* Elon!

better now? ;-)

Dave, certainly (didn't want to call anyone Shirley here) you were not thinking that Louis and Mr. Potato Head would .... you know .... get really friendly, were you?

That's a way wider stance than I can contemplate.

Isn't it supposed to be octopii?

*tries to start a grammatical conversation to get this thread out of the gutter*

El, too late.

I'm sure Cheryl will come up with something really funny at oh..around 1:37.

Someone needs to teach Louis to pass the Hot Potato.

ACK! How did you do that, Siouxie? I'm scared now.

I'm psychotic psychic!

El, it wasn't me. The time stamp messed up again. It happened a few times before.

Why would IT make me robot TWICE before it told me that W H E W! without the spaces was sp@m?

I demand an answer.


Thank you, Blue. I feel much better now. :)

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