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January 18, 2008


Key quote: Must be able to support all needs of the VP of Customer Support. . . Additionally includes unwavering support of all decisions made by the VP of Customer Service.

(Thanks to Timothy, dagnabbit)


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Just advertise for a "Yes Man" and be done with it! Takes up MUCH less space than that whole thing.

Even if the decision is for everyone to wear hair clothes.

Hm.Also must learn that periods after sentences do not take the place of spaces.Or maybe that's not really all that important to them.It doesn't seem to be, anyway.

Go-fer, much?

My, that was a thorough a$$-kissing....find any polyps????

Oh, I definitely agree. Absolutely!

But at least they offer dental.

Sounds familiar

was judi fired again?

Comment in my office:

"Memo to HR:

Re: New Policy

From now on, embittered about-to-be-fired employees are not to be asked to
write their own job descriptions."

Sounds a little like this job.

The hadda write it up this way ... the system is Wind0ws based ...

Tosses a 'why' up to O the U.

Wow. They have a VP of Customer SUPPORT AND a VP of Customer SERVICE!

And this guy has to UNWAVERINGLY support both of them.

Since they probably hate each other and have constant turf battles, this job must REALLY suck.

Assuming this job had been in the Seattle area, I still would not have applied for it, even if I do meet most of the requirements. Why on earth would I want to work for someone so anal?


Tnx, Annie, fer the edit ... (proofroad, proofrad, proofred ...)

CdV: What kind of a sycophant are you!?!

BN: ... What... kind of a sycophant would you like me to be?

VP of Customer Support: I think we need to go to a 24/7 service model.
Manager of Technical Engineers: Yes, boss! Great idea!
VP of Customer Service: I don't think so. Our call volume doesn't make 24/7 feasible. It should be 10-7, Mon-Fri.
MTE: I agree!
VP of Customer Support: But you just said that 24/7 is a great idea.
MTE: Yes! It is!
VP of Customer Service: You also said that you agreed with my model. So which proposal do you support?
MTE: Both!
The VPs: But they're mutually exclusive.
MTE: Yes, right you are again, bosses!

That line is CREEPY....unwavering support....warning bells just go off when you come across something like that. I noticed that it's right in the middle of a long paragraph in hopes that people might skim over it...

Even most V!agr@ users don't get "unwavering support" for more than four hours ... merely sayin' ...

Another great example of why this country is going down the tubes, and why there's so much turnover at companies like this. Just how much CRAP can you expect one person to put up with during a workday? There's way too many employers like this who expect their people to be robots.

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