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January 11, 2008


It's definitely not low-flow.

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)


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Well, they have to use more water. New Yorkers' stuff doesn't stink and it takes more water.

So, those people in NY peeing between parked cars and in doorways are ardent water conservationists?

Gosh forbid they should have to flush TWICE!

Yes, New York, there is a sanitary closet.

The sad thing is, that this manages to waste that much water and *STILL* be low flow...it only used 1.29 gallons of that water for the actual flushing.

What happens if you flush and need to flush again, are you disinfected along with everything else in there while you wait to flush again?

So many issues are raised here it bends the mind. This concern should be voiced at the next presidential debate.

Doesn't matter. The floors look like they'd eat a pair of Manolo Blanhnik heels--so I'll have to hold it.

If history teaches us anything, this terlet wil be out of commission by late April, closed for "repairs" all summer (perhaps open again briefly around July 4), then shut down permanently but not removed from the site until the next mayor takes office. Presuming, of course that it isn't vandalized into uselessness at some point before that.

ps: FYI judi. this link to the NYTimes won't allow returning to the daveblog via the "back" button. Maybe it's only the Times' blog.

Lairbo (welcome back - haven't seen you in awhile) use the "open in a separate tab" (or window, as the case may be) That way you can read the article and have the Dave Blog open at the same time. Sometimes that will get the coveted "first place".

KB: Thanks. Nice to be here. I keep one window open at a time so that when the pointy headed bosses stroll by I only have to close the one.

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