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January 31, 2008


(Thanks to MissV)


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That explains the cr0tch itch and why my Doctors haven't found a cure.

AHHHHH! a little more to the left...yeah! that's IT!

Er, to get to the other side?

Fish scratch themselves? With WHAT?

I really don't appreciate my skin and my brain communicating behind my itchy back.

*rubs back on door jam like a bear*


Breaking news: Celebrities Suffer From Pain, Too

Now I feel bad.

Breaking news: Celebrities Suffer From Pain, Too

Now I feel bad.

Posted by: danceswithpangs | 06:12 PM on January 31, 2008

That should be blogged under NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

"And "anything" may even include electric catfish."

I suppose it would kind of have to, wouldn't it?

Don't get me started, Diva.

It itches? Doesn't explain why Brittany scratchs her crotch when she imagines herself as a British woman?

If itching is so addictive, why are itches all in places one cannot reach (in a polite manner)?

EB.(Please don't talk to me about Neurotransmitters, I'm home today)

Brittany? Why all the talk about that crazy chick??

Brittany is our top government official in Britian. Paris controls the armed forces. Oprah confirms new law and rules our Executive branch. And Sally Jesse Raphael needs more names.

D*mmit, I've been itching like crazy as I was reading that article! It's worse than when you read an article about yawning!




Confidential to Doc Rick: YES!! It IS our Steve! (ISIANMTU!)

I wonder if this will put the Cortisone people out of business.

That explains the "compulsively itchy dog" syndrome nicely doesn't it?

For CJ. (Don't knock it, I got ya the exec version.)

I'm not even gonna mention crabs. nope. wouldn't do that. not here, not ever.

Confidential to Doc again: Oops. He says it's not him. Never mind!

hope that had nuthin' to do with crabs and itchin, Diva. just sayin'.

Wyo, the only crabs that interest me are the ones they serve at Red Lobster. ;-)

Wyo, I bet crabs do itch. Look at the funny way they walk.

bali, it's all that sand in their underwear.

scratching activated areas of the brain associated with memory and pleasure, while at the same time it suppressed areas associated with the sensation of pain and emotions.


(scratch, scratch)

That explains a lot, Diva, and I don't mean just about the crabs. The beach just gets funner and funner!

Does someone need their back scratched? I just got my nails done. ;-)

The good thing is the chitin of their shells completely satisfies the itch.

A meat fork works well for where humans can't reach...

I use a letter opener. Not NEARLY as sharp!

Youse guys are just askin' for a CJ monologue.

Door jambs are handy for parts of the upper torso. On the other hand,door knobs suffice for the nether regions. CAUTION!! Don't get 'hung up' on those newer lever handles.

*zips™ in* (gracias, El)

*watching LOST* (woo hoo!)

*zips™ out*

ItchX. My kids' allergists turned us onto it. It overrides that hooty-tooty, scientific mumbo jumbo, and just stops the itch.

To heck with ItchX. I need BitchX for some of the people I know!

LOL, AM. Me too!

lol, Auntie M. and I don't LOL much. just sayin'.

Hey, I just try and speak the truth here. Now I have to go to bed so I can fend off this stupid sore throat. Night! (I know, I'm a wimp.)

I'm itchin' for sour cream & onion potato chips and a coors light. Is there a cure for that?

I find when it itches, it helps to lick.

Auntie, if they ever come out with that I know the first person I'm going to use it on.

And no, it's not you Annie. The 14 year old step-son to be precise. My ex-wife isn't as moody as that kid.


Annie, I've got s/c & onion Pringles™ and a Heiny. Good enough?

Is it a Cuban Heiny?

Does your Heiny itch ? ;-)

*smacks Jazzz with Siouxie's heiny*

You bet your butt, Ms. Annie.

And no, Mr. Jazzzzzzzie ;-P


*wonders why Wyooooooooooo was so quickly associated with heiny*

hey Wyo my friend...Cold up there?

*gets hit by the rest of Sio's butt, falls over*

Sorry Sio, Annie told me to say that.

Don't know if anyone is interested, but I found this today. Not really thread worthy, but funny nonetheless. Good to know the writers are keeping busy during their strike. It does contain foul language for anyone with small children within earshot of your location.

ya mo funny, Doc

There are 10 more in that series Jazzzz. The first two in the series made me cry from laughter. Funny stuff.

You're welcome, Siouxie. :)

I have a wooden back scratcher with a little painted face on it. Strange....

Also, people who talk about secrets in front of others should share with the class. At least that's what my 5th grade teacher always said. :)

*waves hi to Jazzzz*

Hiya, Jazzzz! Don't see you for days on end, now it's a few in a row. Lucky us!!!

He El!!!! Got my new baby!! Also will be up early for you know who.......I'll catch you then....

HE EL???? ....HEYYYYYYY El!!!

Somebody has secrets? I didn't think this blog was capable of keeping secrets. ;)

Jazzzz - you have a BABY?! ;o)

Lookin forward to it, Jazzzz!!!! ;)

El & Jazzzzzzie?? Share with the rest of the class!!

Well Diva....my new baby has strings and frets

we want photo(s), Jazzzzz

Hmmm.... Jazzz, is your baby acoustic or all hooked up? Inquiring minds wanna know. ;-)

Siouxie......golf. TW (El Tigre') is playing in Dubai, so it's on early......Coffee+fireplace+golf on TV.....Jealous??? I'm off work this week, so I'm slummin'

And a video. Jazzzzzie playing Guitar Hero.

Sioux, try to heinz. That's GH3.

Both Med...I had them (Gruhn Guitars of Nashville, where I got it) install a pickup that you can't see. I will take pics soon. It's gorgeous

OOh, I wanna see too, Jazzzz! You can bring it to Show and Tell on Monday. :-)

Make, model? anything?

yes.....and the guitar too !

LOL, Jazzzz - you're a riot.

Wyo.....It's a Martin HD-28 ("1833 Restricted" model) Only 7 made. Has a light brown "sunburst" finish.

Oh, my god. A Martin HD-28? I am in awe. Seriously. Those are awesome. Sorry to drool. They are truly beautiful and sooo smooth to play.

trying to catch my breath. can't wait for the photos. congratulations, really.

Thankee....it is sweet....I'll get some pics together in a day or two.........

Jazzzz, you may know that I'm a fiddle maker. as such, I have a great appreciation for fine instruments.

OMG!! A Martin HD-28?? that is WAY betterer than the HD-27!

I'm off to bed, now I can sleep. Niters, muchachos & muchachas!

What Wyo says... I haven't played one of those in nearly 20 years and I still remember the experience.

I gotta go sit down.

Siouxie - it really is an incredible guitar. Don't know how to explain it, didn't mean to drool, but....wow. Beats the patootie out of my Stella.

Jazzzz - you need to make some recordings and post 'em here for us!

I believe you! Didn't mean to make fun. I personally prefer the organ and I also drool over a great instrument. ;-P

Buenas noches!

I once had a Takamine 12 string, jumbo body. Not a particularly noteworthy model, but this particular instrument had something special. Every once in a while, there's just an exceptional combination of luck, craftsmanship and material. something divine.

Aria Pro-IV - so sweet it was stolen. :(
Nite, Sioux.... I will shush now.

Stolen sucks.

Annie....when I was younger, (I still owe Moses 5 bucks) I had a "regular" D-28 that was stolen. It broke my heart as I had owned it for 20 years. That was 15 or so years ago. I have others, as I also collect, but it was always that guitar I thought of. Well, the stars came together, and I located this beauty at Gruhn. They are the premier Guitar (banjo, mandolin) shop in the world. Mostly vintage instruments. Liz and I drove (400 miles) to Nashville, and I played it, then they shipped it to me after doing the install. It looks almost just like my old one, but plays, looks and sounds BETTER! It is truly sweet. They made 7. If you go to "gruhnguitar.com", then "inventory" then "Martin flat tops", they have one almost like it (Gruhn got two of the 7) It is the "HD28 custom 1833 Restricted". A lot of cool guitars here. Even a 1942 Martin D45 just "reduced" to $150,000.
Wyo.....didn't know you were a luthier. I would love to see some pics of your work. I also have some vintage pieces (Gibson ES175 / 1950 Gibson lap steel) you might like. We will "get together" on reg e-mail. Off to stroke my baby ;-)

Jazzz - I know who Gruhn is. I got to play a Martin at McCabes Music in Santa Monica. I was doing a showcase there and they actually let me touch the thing. Playing it was incredible. Enjoy your new love - it's definitely worth the trip to get it!

Jazzz, I live not too far from the Martin factory where they give tours. Unbelievable.

Wyo, my Takamine 12 string is my all-time favorite. (Mahogony finish).

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