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January 31, 2008


Now they're using deer.

(Thanks to Steve Williams, not to be confused with any of the 386 other Steves)


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when bambi's go bad.

cg, you'd go bad too if someone had shot your mommy.


oh, the poor dear.

Looks like the owner's gonna be out a few bucks.

D'oh a deer!

A female deer.

Ray, a shot blew from his gun. ♫

"Gee, some game I shot myself."

Fawck, these bloodstains are no fun.

So, there's deer fur on my bed.

Ah! A coat to follow, so ...

See a mink with Sam and Fred ♪

That will cost us lots of dough, my dear...

At retail, dear....

Rate, a rate could be so low.

Me, I need a drink myself.

Far, to send a brew, you know.

So, no creamy Guinness head?

La la la la la la laaaaaaa!

Tea, with a shot of rum instead?

That would fling us backside d'oh!

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