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January 31, 2008


(Thanks to Doc Rick)


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How soon can we expect them to put her into the sarcophagus?

that thing is fugly. this is the same 'artiste' who did a sculpture of twittney last year, i think delivering a baby.
i guess 'art' is in the eye of the beholder, but i hope oprah doesnt behold it, or she may be-suing.

The essence of Oprah now at Dillard's.

I dunno, this guy seems to capture the essence of his subjects.

Maybe he'll be on Dr. Phil...

Actually, I rather like this piece (except for the earrings). It kind of celebrates that earth-mother kind of aura that Oprah carries with her. It has a lovely, curvaceous sensuality about it.

His others, however....*retch*!!!!

Fotos won't load ... DANG mebbe that's a good thing ...

Thousands of years from now the Oprah mummy will be unearthed and anthropologists will gain a clearer understanding of how stupid rich humans evolved and insight into how totally meaningless talk shows were.

Short of sculpting flesh falling off or things like spears and arrows penetrating the figure's body, how do you know the sculpture depicts someone as dead?

Okay, so I went and saw the sculpture of Prince Harry. He's laid out with with a vulture perched over him. Got it. He's supposed to be dead. But the Paris Hilton sculpture? It just looks like she's waiting for her 3 o'clock appointment.

Paris Hiton with her legs spread even in death? Sounds about right.

uhhh dead people often raise their legs and arch their back...The Paris Hilton one confuses me.

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